‘Best Thing Ever’- LA Angels’ Mike Trout Meets the Kid Who Pulled a Rare Baseball Card Out of Nowhere

Published 05/29/2022, 7:00 AM EDT

Mike Trout is one of the most humble guys in baseball. The LA Angels star often interacts with his fans on social media. But recently, he did something very special for a special fan.

When MLB was going through the owners’ lockout, something beautiful happened for a baseball-loving family. The incident goes back to Jan 7 when a kid named Joey Ferrante found a rare Mike Trout card out of nowhere.


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Per MLB.com, Ron Ferrante (Joey’s father) bought two boxes of Topps Holiday baseball cards for his two children, Joey and Jake. But one box was not in good condition, so being an elder brother, Joey let his younger brother, Jake, keep the other box. But Joey’s kindness paid him in a big way. When Joey opened the box, he got a rare autographed Mike Trout card.

Mike Trout invited the Ferrante family for an Angels game

When Joey was checking all his cards, he screamed in joy after getting the Mike Trout card. And his father was kind enough to make a video and then post it on Twitter. Only to get noticed by Mike Trout. The Angels star not only shared the video but also invited the whole family for a trip to the Angels game.

Talking about his wholesome moment, Joey said when he felt a thicker card in his box of baseball cards.

“We were tearing through cards and looking for what was cool and we saw a Max Scherzer card. But then we saw like a thicker card and I started pulling it down,” Joey said. “I saw his helmet and then his face and then the autograph and was so excited and just running around the house in excitement and shock.”

Recently, Joey and his family got to meet Mike Trout during the ongoing series between the Angels and Toronto Blue Jays.

He also shared his experience of meeting Mike Trout in person. “That was awesome. That was like the best thing ever. It was amazing talking to him,” Joey said.

Amidst this joyful moment, many Angels fans are hoping for a grand comeback despite the tough chances against Houston Astros.


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Will the Angels be able to stop the Astros?

Even though the Angels lost the game against the Blue Jays, Trout had a wonderful game from the plate. He smacked his 13th home run of the season. This was the Angels’ fourth consecutive loss in the AL West. 

Now, it will be difficult for the Joe Maddon-led side to dethrone the Houston Astros from the top. Because after a few hiccups at the start of the season, the Astros are going strong at the moment.


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Given the current scenario, do you think the Angels will make it to the World Series?

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