Blake Snell to Consider New York Yankees’ Offer? Lefty Ace’s Sweepstakes Stall Despite Free Agency Buzz

Published 02/17/2024, 11:14 AM EST

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The buses are leaving the stop, but the Boras Four are still holding out for the right one. While the teams generally do get impetuous at this stage of the offseason, there’s a growing belief that even desperation isn’t enough to meet the $240-270 million expectations of Blake Snell. So with things seemingly drying up, could he go back to the ones he rejected – the New York Yankees?

The Yankees had reportedly given him a big offer. Initially, it was predicted to be in the vicinity of $150 million, but GM Brian Cashman has refuted that number. So with the caveat that the number might have been higher or lower, would going back be a great strategy for Snell?

Is a step back just a giant leap forward for Blake Snell and the Yankees?


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The links between the New York Yankees and Blake Snell weren’t present since the beginning of the offseason. They began after the Bronx Bombers lost out on Yoshinobu Yamamoto. But the moment the two got linked, it made sense. The Yankees would completely improve its lineup, while Snell would have the one thing he has always succeeded with – a trusted partner. However, it was not to be. 


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Snell rejected the initial offer of the Yankees, and the Pinstripes quickly pivoted to Marcus Stroman. But the situation then couldn’t be much different from what it is right now. Then, Snell still had a host of suitors and things were seemingly clicking for him. But as of now, the Cy Young winner looks all alone. Partly because of his high asking price and partly because of a slow market – things have stalled for him.

Would going back to the Yankees make sense here? Perhaps it would. Yardbarker’s Eric Smithling has speculated that Snell could go back to the Bronx Bombers. Mostly because the offer from the Yankees “might be more attractive at this late juncture, with his market less robust than expected.”

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The best part? The Pinstripes are reportedly still open for an addition to their pitching staff. So, despite an early hiccup, doors are still open for this connection. But will Scott Boras bite the bullet here?

Scott Boras has a tough decision to make

Scott Boras has never been the one to accept defeat. One shouldn’t expect anything different from him in this instance as well. While all four of his clients are looking for a team, the super agent is adamant in his stance. The agent is banking on desperation, but without any offer, he’s currently playing a blind hand. As of now, most teams are calling his bluff. 


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So will he find a way to turn this around? Could we see Scott Boras do something different and go for a reduced price? Or maybe a reduced length? There are so many roads for Snell and Yankees but only Boras knows which one is worth taking.


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