Breaking Down the Relationship Timeline of Mookie Betts and Wife Brianna Hammonds

Published 04/01/2024, 12:30 PM EDT

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We know Mookie Betts – the baseball superstar. And we certainly know Mookie Betts – the bowling king. The superstar has made it a habit to explore multiple avenues and take roads less traveled. A born competitor, Betts loves proving his mettle in different fields. But in this journey with multiple roads Betts’ hands have always been held by one person. The woman he met in Middle School and fell in love with Brianna Hammonds.

Betts’ love story with Hammonds is nothing short of a romantic drama. The two have stayed together through thick and thin and have been a constant source of support for each other. In fact, their love has been so profound, that they’ve become a favorite couple of nearly every fan. So now that Betts’ rewriting all the criteria of success, it’s important to understand his dynamic with his wife. The dynamic that helps push Betts forward in life.

The First Meeting and Mookie Betts’ fear


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During middle school, Mookie Betts solely focused on two things – sports and video games. Those two things mesmerized Betts so much that nothing else mattered to him. But as Hammonds revealed – he was a “cute” young man. However, it was her friend who first noticed Mookie. “One of my best friends who passed away thought (Mookie) was cute and I said, ‘Girl go talk to him!’” Hammonds said to Ebony.


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That led to their first interaction where Hammonds went to her future husband as a wingwoman for her friend. “She was too scared to talk to him so I told him, ‘My girlfriend likes you. Will you talk to her?… And he kept saying no,” Hammond said. However, Betts later revealed that he found Brianna cute but didn’t want to pursue her yet. 

But when he did gather the courage to ask her out she couldn’t hear him. “She said she didn’t hear me, but she heard me…So the next day I end up asking her again,” Betts revealed. The superstar’s lack of confidence was quite visible in those days. He constantly told himself that this was his only chance but was still scared of asking out Hammonds. So the fact that he did it two days in a row was just the universe playing tricks on him. However, later Brianna Hammonds said yes and they were officially dating. Gradually as Betts began climbing the ladders of success Brianna Hammonds stuck by him.  

But while that was interesting, the story of how Betts proposed Hammonds is equally beautiful. The superstar used the classic tactic of misdirection to surprise his soon-to-be wife.

Fake dinner that leads to a fairy tale proposal

In January 2021, Mookie Betts informed Hammonds that they had to attend an awards dinner. He told his bride-to-be that they were celebrating his recent LegaCCy Award from CC & Amber Sabathia’s PitCCh In Foundation. The Awards dinner was held with the organization being present there. But as Betts accepted his award and started giving a speech he called Hammonds on stage to thank her.

Still a pretty normal situation, right? Hammonds thought exactly the same but then a giant surprise awaited her. Betts began to read a personal poem to his girlfriend. While he was reading it, the superstar slowly knelt to one knee and suddenly everything was clear. This was not an Awards show, this was a giant setup by the 2x World Series winner to pop the question. Then he asked her to marry him and unsurprisingly she said yes.

Betts did that in front of 40 close family and friends in Nashville. He held a seven-carat, radiant-cut diamond in his hands when he proposed to the love of his love. The couple’s love story took a great turn and by December 1 their nuptials took place in a luxury oceanfront venue in California named Terranea Resort. The best part? their daughter was the flower girl. That brings the question – how many kids does this lovable couple have?

The Betts Family starts taking shape


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2018 proved to be a massive year for Betts professionally and personally. He won his first World Series that year but more importantly a few weeks later he became a father. On November 6, 2018 – Hammonds gave birth to their first child, a daughter named – Kynlee Ivory Betts.  For Betts that was the greatest moment of his life and a confirmation that Hammond was all he ever needed and wanted. According to Betts, To see Hammond love their daughter proved to him that “unconditional love is real.” 

Their love story took another turn in 2023. On April 18, 2023, the couple announced the birth of their second child, a boy named – Kaj Lynn Betts. Ever since then, the couple has been enjoying the company of their two beautiful children. Their undying support for each other can be understood by the fact that Hammonds is regularly seen watching Betts’ baseball games. Similarly, the couple’s shared love for bowling has acted as glue that has kept them together for over 15 years.


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After all, the two have practically grown up together. So they’ve seen each other go through every life struggle. And that has only made their bond stronger. With many more years of love to follow, one hopes this love story adds even more remarkable chapters to its name.


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