“C4 Has a Whole New Meaning!” – the Love Radiated Off of Carlos Correa as He Welcomes a New Addition to His Family

Published 03/12/2023, 1:29 PM EDT

It’s been a long and winding road for one of the finest players in MLB in recent months. From contract negotiations that dragged on for weeks, falling through time and time again due to injury, to the arrival of his second bundle of sunshine. But when Carlos Correa set his eyes on his precious little cherub for the first time, all the contract drama probably seemed like a distant memory. 

The Correa family is a picture of pure happiness. From the moment the superstar shortstop met Daniella, he knew she was ‘the one,’ and in 2017, after winning the World Series title, he pulled a move that would put even the most romantic people to shame. Without skipping a beat, he uttered the big question and proposed. Together, they have since built a beautiful family, and the newest addition is a new ray of joy far surpassing even that unforgettable proposal.

Carlos Correa with leading lady Daniella were all smiles as they held little Kenzo 


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In a post that came as a sudden surprise, Daniella Correa, the queen of Carlos Correa’s heart, disclosed the latest addition to their family – the adorable little Kenzo Noak Correa! As the couple posed for the picture, one could feel the love radiating off them, with Daniella cradling their newest bundle of joy with a mother’s tender care and Carlos looking on with an open and loving expression, basking in the glow of his beautiful wife and their new baby. 

Before this, the shortstop had welcomed his first son Kylo to the world just over a year ago. It’s been a wild ride for the player, not just with his family but also on the field, where he switched his jersey number from 1 to 4 when he left the Houston Astros for the Minnesota Twins, earning the nickname C4 in the process.

And according to a witty comment from the Twins, “C4 has a whole new meaning”, encompassing not only the dynamism of the sensation on the field but also the extraordinary love for his new family of four. 

Fans also showered their love on the Correas

When the picture first made it to the world of the internet, Correa’s fans went into a frenzy of pure joy and excitement! They couldn’t contain their love and admiration for the happy couple and their little bundle of cuteness. The fandom thereafter showered the family with all kinds of heartwarming messages and blessings. 

The Minnesota Twins – C4 has a whole new meaning! Congratulations to the Correa 4 ❤️”

“Congratulations!! He’s so precious 💙”


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“Angels!!!! 👼 congratulations Correa family!!!! Cannot wait to meet him 😍”


“2045 AL rookie of the year”


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This just proves that true fans are lurking around every corner, always there to celebrate the highs and lows of their icons’ lives. So here’s a big cheer to baby Kenzo and the loving family he’s been born into! 




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