“Can’t Tell You How Happy It Makes Me to See the Boston Red Sox Crumble”- Key Figure in Derek Jeter’s Documentary Gives an Honest Opinion

Published 12/28/2022, 10:10 AM EST

The Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees rivalry has provided electrifying contests in MLB for over a century. Supporters of both teams have always considered the opposition fan as a foe and often don’t look eye to eye. While the two elite teams usually bring out the best in each other, the Red Sox are presently slipping down the ladder. So a popular Yankees fan has recently taken a dig at the Red Sox administration. 

Randy Wilkins is a famous filmmaker, who also happens to be a devout Yankees fan. He directed the legendary Derek Jeter’s docuseries, titled ‘The Captain’, which premiered on ESPN networks this year. As a Yankees supporter, Wilkins couldn’t help but take pleasure in the Red Sox’s season of misery. So he took to Twitter, and hit out at the Red Sox, speaking his mind. 

Derek Jeter’s friend and New York Yankees fanatic fires his shots at the Boston Red Sox organization 


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Contrary to last year, the Yankees proved to be completely dominant over the Red Sox this year’s season. The performances of the two teams also proved to be literally polar opposites. While the Yankees topped the American League east zonal rankings, the Red Sox sank to the bottom. Despite the conclusion of the MLB season, the Red Sox’s woes have continued. 

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The Red Sox fans themselves have expressed unhappiness at the franchise’s inaction amid the trading period. Additionally, the Red Sox have already lost out on star performers like Xander Bogaerts, JD Martinez, and Christian Vazquez this year. While there have been no adequate replacements, news reports have highlighted the Red Sox authorities’ blunders. So Jeter’s friend Wilkins wasn’t far behind in presenting his own note of criticism. 

Posting on his Twitter account, Wilkins wrote, “I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see the Boston Red Sox crumble and be totally mismanaged by a GM (and ownership group) that people just assumed was going to be great because he came from the Rays. Go Yankees.” 

One fan replied to the post, quoting, “Devers will be traded soon. No way he stays. Bloom has destroyed this organization.” 

While another fan wrote, “Red Sox in tank mode like Houston was for a better draft pool. Yankees would never do that. Yankees are in a different class regardless.”  

Some reactions from the other fans: 


Therefore, the baseball fans agreed to whatever Wilkins had to say. 


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Now struggling with poor form, dearth of talent, and Rafael Devers staring at uncertainty, the Red Sox’s future appears gloomy. 

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So, what do you think of Randy Wilkins’ opinion? Do you believe the Boston Red Sox still have got scope for improvement? Please kindly share your thoughts in the comments section. 


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