Cody Bellinger Rumors: Blue Jays Challenge Cubs as Star Outfielder’s North Side Reunion Sees Danger

Published 02/09/2024, 6:30 AM EST

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Here’s a sentence that will feel familiar “The Toronto Blue Jays are about to hijack a deal!” The last time everyone heard this line, the Jays were on the brink of signing Shohei Ohtani. While that didn’t end well for the Blue Birds, this time could turn out to be a little different. While the Chicago Cubs are playing hard to get, there’s a clear opportunity for the Blue Jays to go for Cody Bellinger. What’s better? They’re ready to take it. 

Until now the free agency of Cody Bellinger has revolved around the interest of the Cubs. While there have been sprinkles of Blue Jays and the San Francisco Giants around, the North Side has remained the prime destination. That may be changing soon, and now the Cubbies suddenly have a huge fight on their hands. 

A new favorite in town for Cody Bellinger


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The offseason is at the stage where it’s the need of the team that counts. No longer is money the priority. This is a battle of desires. Ever since Bellinger’s free agency got delayed to February, it became obvious that Scott Boras was planning on playing to this desperation. Did his gamble pay off? Well, that’ll be known soon, but according to top insider Jeff Passan, it did give Bellinger a new favorite – the Toronto Blue Jays.

“I just feel the Toronto Blue Jays need Cody Bellinger more than the Cubs do. Jed Hoyer, he’s gonna be fine…They’ve made a couple of moves this offseason. But they aren’t the kind of moves that are gonna take you from a team that’s on the cusp of playoff contention to one that’s handily going to be in,” Passan shared. 


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This sentiment has been there within the Blue Jays fanbase for a long time. Despite having had tremendous growth in their resources in the past few years, the Jays haven’t quite taken the next step. Signing Ohtani would have been that big step, but it wasn’t to be. Nonetheless, former MVP and World Series winner Bellinger would have a similar effect.

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But what does it mean for the Cubs? They’ve been after Cody Love since the beginning of the offseason. 

A need to buckle up for the Cubs? 

The Cubs have had a comfortable journey till now regarding Bellinger. Despite indications of growing competition, they’ve remained in the driver’s seat. This indicated that they’d win the price battle with Bellinger, who allegedly wants over $200 million. In the same period, however, the Cubs have acquired Michael Busch, a player who can play in the same positions as Bellinger.


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So, in a way, the North Siders have prepared themselves well for a life without Bellinger. However, that doesn’t mean the interest is dead, because if it were, they wouldn’t be negotiating till now, would they? So with the Blue Jays entering the picture, things are bound to get interesting here.


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