Did Brian Cashman Cheat On His Ex-Wife? All Rumors and Facts About the Yankees’ GM and His Marriage

Published 11/10/2023, 2:00 AM EST

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The world of baseball is multifaceted. On one end, impassioned fans celebrate and scrutinize on-field exploits, records, victories, and losses. On the other, the personal lives of players and those involved in varying capacities are treated as a matter of interest and a public spectacle. In a game involving ever-increasing money and popularity, perhaps it is human nature that now and then one comes across these affairs that are devastating for the parties involved.

Among the list, one prominent name is the Yankees General Manager, also known for divisive opinions, Brian Cashman. Often in the news for his managerial choices, there was a time when the 56-year-old’s personal life became a hot topic.

Who was Brian Cashman’s wife? How long the two were married?


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Born in 1967 in New York, Brian spent a portion of his developmental years at his father’s horse farm in Kentucky. Later, after joining the Yankees as an intern in 1986, Cashman married Mary Bresnan in 1995. As time went on, Cashman started getting more prominent roles in Yankees management, and the couple came under the public limelight. The couple had two kids and were considered being in a happy, low-profile marriage, but in 2009 things took a turn for the worse.


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Back-to-back reports of infidelity took Cashman’s personal life by storm. The pictures, scrutiny, legal cases, and general mess surrounding the whole situation took a toll on their marriage. Eventually, in 2012, Mary filed for divorce for the 17 years of marriage, and in 2013, the two were mutually divorced. “Complexities are inherent in every marriage, and ours was no exception,” Cashman said when asked about the situation. But the question remains, why did the two decided to part ways?

Why did Brian Cashman and his wife split up?

Some damning images involving Cashman surfaced in 2009 after he was the target of a private investigator. The pictures where Cashman could be seen with a woman named Kimberley Brennan created an uproar in his personal life. The PI was allegedly hired by Kimberly’s husband, which led to the couple getting divorced. Meanwhile, for Cashman, this was only the beginning of the end of his marriage.

Cashman’s marriage had only begun to recover from the devastation when, this time, a wrecking ball came and further ruined any possibility of recovery. This time it was Louise Meanwell, a woman linked with the Yankees GM. As the news of a possible relationship between Louise and Cashman came out, his marriage instantly imploded. What started as a rumor became a full-blown media debate as Cashman struggled to maintain his personal-professional life balance. From thereon, the story took a dark turn.

A case that rocked the sporting scenes: From stalking to extortion

Louise Meanwell arrived on the scene, claiming that she had been in a relationship with Cashman for around a year. She further stated that Cashman had promised to leave his wife for Meanwell but later refused. The issue got worse as news came that Meanwell had repeatedly called and extorted over $6000 from Cashman, threatening to reveal their affair to his wife.

Soon after Louise was arrested for stalking, several of Louise’s ex-boyfriends verified the claim. It was revealed that she was involved in multiple instances of trespass and extortion. This led to a court case that saw Louise being held at the Rikers’ prison.

But more so, it created a tempting story that was quickly turned into a public spectacle, with Cashman and his family coming under heavy public scrutiny. “It was a challenging time for both of us,” Cashman said, recalling the situation. “The lines between personal and public life blurred in ways I never imagined“. But it wasn’t the end of Cashman’s troubles yet.

A costly settlement that took almost everything from Brian Cashman


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The legal battle and the divorce after it left Brian Cashman reeling with an insurmountable personal loss, but soon enough, in 2013, he also faced a financial loss. In the wake of his divorce, Cashman was asked to pay alimony and child support to the tune of $1 million a year to his wife. Apart from that, he lost their $3.7 million house to his wife and was ordered to keep Mary as his life insurance beneficiary, a policy that was worth over $2 million. Reflecting on the situation, Cashman said, “Divorce is never easy, and the financial implications are often overlooked in the public eye”.

Apart from his wife and kids, the case took a lot away from Cashman, including a loss of reputation and financial woes too. More so, the pain of having one’s dirty laundry aired in public would have its own social and psychological ramifications. But just as much as Cashman, his story is about much more.


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For once, it is a clear reflection of the society we live in. It shows the temptations brought about by name and money and their destructive aftermath. It shows how poor choices can ruin everything. Most importantly, it shows how, when an individual is in the public eye, anything they do is a story; there are no veils.

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