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“Do ‘They’ Have Influence on ‘My’ Music?”- Derek Jeter’s Ex Mariah Carey Once Berated Arch-Rival Jennifer Lopez With an Honest Beyonce Comparison

Published 12/23/2022, 12:16 PM EST

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Even though Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez played together for a decade, their beef is still a topic of discussion in the MLB world. But one another beef that most people may not know about is about their exes, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez.

For those unversed, JLo and Carey’s feud started years before the two athletes started their journey on the baseball diamond. As a result, the two singers get asked about each other, and whenever it does, their rivalry flairs up in Hollywood town for everyone to have a look at. In an interview with France’s M6 Channel, Mariah Carey threw shade at her arch-rival without even uttering her name.

How did Mariah Carey, aka Songbird Supreme, throw shade at JLo?


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During the M6 channel’s interview in 2005, Carey was asked about what she thinks of other pop singers Queen B, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez. And whether they influenced her singing. Carey’s reply had hooked fans even more to her ongoing feud with Lopez.

Before giving any answer, Jeter’s ex-flame repeated the question, “Do they have influence on my music?” Then, after laughing at the question, she said, “You can’t really put those two people in the same category because one isn’t really a different generation, they just started singing later. But when you talk about Beyoncé, I think she’s wonderful. She’s great. She’s a talented person.”


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As a matter of fact, Beyonce started singing before Lopez did. Therefore, without naming Jennifer, she threw shade at her by saying that she and Beyonce do not even belong in the same category.

How did the feud between Carey and JLo start?

The feud between the two iconic singers started when they both were starting their careers. What added fuel to the fire was the infamous interview of the early 2000s where Carey got asked about her opinions on a few singers. And when the Hustler’s actress’ turn came, Carey simply said that she does not know who that singer is.


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Since then, the two have not reconciled, and it does not look like happening anytime soon. Given Jeter-Rodriguez and Carey-Lopez’s feuds, which one do you think is fiercer? Let us know in the comments below.



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