Ex-Boston Red Sox Star Breaks Lengthy Social Media Silence Post Retirement by Hailing “GOAT” Alex Rodriguez

Published 03/19/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

MLB icon Alex Rodriguez, in his lengthy and storied career in baseball, rose to heights that not many can achieve. During this time, he made mistakes and learned from them. But if it wasn’t for some special people in his life, Rodriguez might not have reached the heights in his career that he did. Throughout the twenty-two years that A-Rod spent playing ball, he learned a lot from having many mentors to help him. Although he does not play any sport anymore, the former Yankee always lends his support to athletes in need.

Until now, the one thing that A-Rod focused on the most was athletes’ ability to keep them afloat after retirement. Therefore, he has helped many athletes and taught them ways to remain afloat. One of whom would be former Boston Red Sox star, Eduardo Núñez. Most recently, Núñez met his mentor, and not only did he meet him, but he also admired and thanked the fourteen times All-Star for mentoring him. Considering the iconic rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees, getting this level of respect from an ex-Red Sox player would mean the world to A-Rod.

Alex Rodriguez gets immense respect and recognition from an ex-Red Sox player


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Núñez, however, is not only a protégé but also a former teammate of Alex, as he played for the Yankees from 2010 to 2013. The two have seen each other play, and like A-Rod, Núñez is also a world champion. But he won playing for the fiercest rival of the Yanks, the Boston Red Sox. The former world champ retired soon after MLB’s 2022 regular season ended. Since then, the Red Sox star has stayed away from his social media. 

Now, a few hours ago, Núñez posted a picture of himself sitting beside his mentor and friend, Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez. While posting it, Núñez wrote, “With the my brother, mentor, the GOAT, Alex Rodriguez!!!” Rodriguez also commented on the post with a bunch of fire emoticons, making the duo fiery.


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Whenever a protégé meets his mentor, they are bound to talk about work and learn from each other. Hence, the pen and notepad are in Alex’s hand. It seems like the mentor in A-Rod could not help himself but teach Núñez some new tricks he has learned. 


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When did Rodriguez meet his mentor Warren Buffett?

Over two decades ago, when A-Rod had just signed MLB’s most significant contract, he was looking for someone to insure his contract. Therefore, in his aim to convince Buffet to insure his contract, A-Rod cold-called Buffett’s office. 

Since he agreed, two of the influential people came together. And the rest is history. 


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Who is your mentor? Is it Buffet, A-Rod, or someone else? Let us know in the comments below!

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