Being a baseball fan is more than just watching the game. It’s about being part of the energy that electrifies the stadium, the thrill of the crowd wave, and the thunderous roar as one cheer on their favorite team. But being a fan also means being part of some strange and wonderful traditions, like the infamous ‘shoey.’ Imagine you’re at a baseball game when suddenly someone takes off their shoe and starts pouring beer into it. You watch in a mix of disgust and fascination as they proceed to drink the foamy shoe brew. That’s what a shoey is. 

It might interest you to know that the origins of the shoey go back centuries. Legend has it that a member of Prince Henry of Prussia’s entourage picked up a dancer’s slipped heel and used it to drink champagne. Then, during the World Wars, soldiers drank from their boots for good luck. And now, all these years later, the tradition lives on in the world of sports. Even the infamous F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo does not shy away from doing his shoey tradition on special occasions.

The Great beer chug during the World Baseball Classic! 


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On the grand stage of the World Baseball Classic, every move counts. So when Mexico faced off against reigning champions, the US, in a recent Pool C match, it flared up the nerves. And amidst the humming environment, something unexpected happened. As the game raged on, a lone fan in the stands was caught on the cameras. As a shoe fell into his lap, he poured beer into the shoe, ready to perform the old-age tradition. The people around cheered for him, egging him to take the daring sip. 

He became an instant hero in the eyes of the cheering people as he stood up, raised the shoe to his lips, and chugged the beer like a pro. 

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But here’s where it gets interesting – the fan was supporting the Mexican team, who were in the process of soundly defeating the US. From start to finish, Mexico controlled the rhythm of the game, and in the end, they won and dethroned the reigning champions. So was it the lucky shoey that helped Mexico clinch the win? Who knows – but it’s clear that the fans sure know how to have fun at a game!

How did fans react to the video? 

When the lone fan in the stands did the shoey, people reacted a bit differently than one would expect. They were shocked, yes, but they were also a bit intrigued. But as it turns out, the old age tradition is more popular than one would think. People have been sharing instances of some well-known celebrities getting in on the action. Sir Patrick Stewart, aka Captain Jean-Luc Picard, had once taken part in the tradition.

As earlier mentioned, he’s not alone. Formula 1 racer Daniel Ricciardo is well known for being the shoey expert. 


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Someone pointed out the taste… well, let’s not delve too much into the details. 


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This certainly is a wild and unique drinking tradition. Maybe you can add it to your party drinking games!

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