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“Fu**in Love” – $324 Million Yankees’ Pitcher Gerrit Cole’s Sleek Answer to a Randy Arozarena Question Is Winning Hearts

Published 05/15/2023, 7:10 AM EDT

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Baseball is a sport filled with countless amazing moments for the fans to cherish forever. Every team, every player celebrates those amazing big moments in a way they think best. And such is the case with the Cuban-Mexican outfielder Randy Arozarena of the Tampa Bay Rays. Whenever the outfielder homers in a ballpark and rounds the third base, he does a special pose that marks his celebration of the homer. And the Rays slugger did the same when he homered on the pitch of the New York Yankees’ $324 million pitcher, Gerrit Cole.

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During the recently concluded series, the Yanks played their second game of a four-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays and tied the series with a win. Then, after the game, in the press conference, Cole was asked a question about Arozarena’s pose after hitting home runs. And the sleek reply that the Yankees pitcher gave is now winning hearts. 

What did Gerrit Cole say about Randy Arozarena?


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Simply looking at the contract of Gerrit Cole, one can say how good of an athlete he must be. And indeed, Cole is one of the best pitchers in the league. Even so, since no one is perfect, Cole also has his moments where his pitches get homered, and Arozarena is one of the hitters to do so. 

Hence, after the game, Cole got asked if he gets bothered when Arozarena homers on his pitches. Without missing a beat, the pinstriper said, “He does that all the time, right? It’s predictable.”


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Needless to say, moments after this short clip of Gerrit Cole saying this, it went viral. As it happened, it made the Yankees’ fanbase proud of their pitcher. 

What are the Yankees fans saying about Cole?

Fans are saying that because of having such indigenous responses is why they love their athlete the most, aside from his outstanding skills on the field. Meanwhile, there are also baseball fans who believe that crossing his hands and staring at the opposition after a home run is not worth it.

Here’s how the fans are reacting to Cole’s response of getting bothered by Arozarena’s posing. 

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By the way, have you seen Arozarena’s pose after his homers? Also, how did you like Cole’s reaction to getting bothered by his celebration? Let us know in the comments below!

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