MLB World Series is up and running. And how? When the 2022 regular season kicked off, almost no baseball fan predicted the Philadelphia Phillies will play the Fall Classic ahead of the heavyweights. But here they are. With players like Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber by their side, the Phillies are giving their everything for the championship.

Even after making it to the World Series, baseball pundits considered the Astros for the silverware. But the Dusty Baker-led team had no idea what damage will cause the Phillies in Game 1 itself. When talking about the Phillies, it would be a crime to not talk about their postseason hero Bryce Harper.


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Notably, the NLCS MVP has been on fire from the plate this season.

Bryce Harper is grateful that the Philadelphia Phillies trusted him during his tough time

Not long, but a few years ago, the Phillies signed Bryce Harper for a whopping $330 million on a 13-year deal. And since then, Harper has been rock solid for the NLCS champs. Not that Harper has been performing this week for the first time for the Phillies. He has been doing this for a while. 

But now, after his dominant performance in the postseason, Harper has been getting his deserved attention. Recently, the NLCS MVP got emotional while talking about his time at the Phillies.

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While the Phillies are doing everything to win the silverware, Harper said he is more than hungry to win. That he wants to win everything. He also thanked the Phillies for their trust.

“I got chills, man. Because it is so grateful for them opening their arms to me and my family and then giving me the opportunity to be Bryce. And to play this game like… I want to win more than I ever have in my whole life,” Bryce Harper said.


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Are the Phillies favorites to win the title after their Game 1 victory against the Astros?

The Philadelphia Phillies were at their usual best against the Houston Astros in Game 1. At one point, it seemed like the Astros would win Game 1 as they were 5-0 up against the Phillies. But thanks to some calculated hits from the Phillies, they bounced back and won the game by 6-5.

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The Astros ace Justin Verlander had another poor game in the postseason and that too at Minute Maid Park. On paper, the Astros are still stronger than the Phillies. But currently, the Phillies have momentum.

Who do you think will end up winning the championship?