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One of the most dramatic moments of 2023 was when the Arizona Diamondbacks found themselves playing the World Series. No one expected them to not only reach the summit but also to do it by slaying the giants of the league. Though they ultimately couldn’t win the Fall Classic, it was nonetheless a huge win for the entire organization. So when it comes to the winnings, it’s no surprise the underdogs have chosen to be highly generous with their earnings.

The total postseason pool was a record $107.8 million. While the Texas Rangers’ share was $506,263, the D-Backs got $313,634 for themselves. Now their players have chosen to distribute it amongst all of the supporting staff and players in a way that was called “life-changing” by many in the organization.

Arizona Diamondbacks show their gratitude to the support staff


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Normally a support staff employee gets a salary that is not comparable to players. The players and team get a choice to give full share or half share to the players and support staff of the winnings that they get during that season. Although nobody expected the Snakes to reach the kind of heights they reached last season, it has not affected their generosity in sharing winnings, as The Athletic reports.

Now that they’ve got a huge $313,634 per share, the Diamondbacks have decided to thank the staff by extending this amount to them as well. The team distributed full shares and 11.49 partial shares. I don’t feel like I should be the one to make this decision. But I want you guys to understand the perspective that I’m coming from when I say it’s life-changing for these people,” was how third baseman Evan Longoria put it. 

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Through this, the players have shown their immense generosity and again highlighted the massive role that the support staff plays during the season. While they earn only a fraction of what the players earn, their impact is huge.


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Now with this done, how are the D-Backs looking to extend their winning ways this offseason?

Possible free agency plans for Diamondbacks

The Snakes are going to be more aggressive than ever this winter. While they too want the Japanese ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto, they are looking elsewhere as well. Though they have a good depth in their bullpen, they’d love to have a star like him.


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The club’s payroll could increase this year due to their World Series campaign, but it’s not going to be much. Their main cause of concern remains a third baseman, which they’d probably have to trade for. But surely with a recent influx of money and confidence, the sky seems to be the limit for the Snakes.

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