Derek Jeter, also known as Captain Clutch, handles a legacy that will be difficult for anyone to conquer in the coming years. During his 20-year-long career with the Pinstripes, and 12 years as the leader of the Bronx, he created a brand for himself. Even today, this brand is difficult to surpass. But in 2017, Derek Jeter made a questionable move that tainted his brand image forever, but luckily had no financial implications.

In 2017, for a grand total of $25 million, Derek Jeter purchased a four percent stake in the National League’s Miami Marlins, which was palpably struggling for a long time without a postseason appearance since 2003. However, despite his better judgment, Captain Clutch entered the Miami Marlins’ front office in what was expected to be a no-lose situation.

Derek Jeter exited the Marlins setup at the right time, but did he cash in?


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He paid an upfront amount of $25 million to acquire a stake in the company. Following this, controlling owner Bruce Sherman appointed Derek Jeter as the CEO of the franchise. Till then, despite the consistently reducing reputation of the Marlins, the situation remained to be a win-win for Jeter.

After carrying the Marlins to their first postseason in 18 years. And a few questionable trades, earlier this year, the five-time World Champion made a decision to step down from the Marlins. One would expect the decision to have financial implications, but it didn’t.

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In fact, as CEO, Derek Jeter broke even with a $5 million yearly salary, as reported by Action Network in a piece from March 2022.

Not only that, but Jeter also made a profit when he sold his stake in the company for $40 million. But for someone like Jeter, who represented the greatest Major League team in North America for 20 years, was money even a variable?

Was Jeter’s journey with the Marlins a success or a failure?


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Whether Jeter’s journey was a success for the Marlins or not, it definitely took a hit at Jeter’s reputation in the potential front office of any future team. Giancarlo Stanton’s trade to the New York Yankees within the first year of the ex-shortstop’s reign was his first strike.

Eventually, the $115 million his first year got slashed down to $56.9 million in 2021 with a low of $41.5 million in 2020. Therefore, while Jeter walked away with an additional $15 million, his reputation took a hit.


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Given his reputation with the Miami Marlins, would you really want to see Derek Jeter leading the Pinstripes’ front office? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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