Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez exhibited an exemplary form of athleticism as a baseball player. His professional sporting career began in 1996 and extended till 2016. Alongside his hard-hitting skills with the bat, he also earned a reputation as an elite-class fielder. Now, as a 47-year-old man, long retired from on-field activities, ‘A-Rod’ is still maintaining high levels of fitness

Rodriguez made his MLB debut at the young age of 18 years. Touted as a bright prospect, he did justice to all the hype surrounding him. After many years at the highest level, the value of his wisdom has further elevated in the present day. Thus, ‘A-Rod’ recently shared his fitness mantra, appearing at the Money Maze Podcast


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Alex Rodriguez gives a brief detail of his fitness routine 

Rodriguez played for three teams in his MLB career, namely the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and the New York Yankees. Remarkably making 14 All-Star appearances in his career, he also won the World Series as a Yankee in 2009. ‘A-Rod’ amassed a career total of 696 home runs, with 2086 RBIs and 3115 hits, averaging 0.295. 

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Alongside his milestones, Rodriguez’s list of accolades further lengthened. He became a 10-time Silver Slugger Award recipient. Further, he won four Hank Aaron Awards, also becoming a five-time league Home Run Leader and three-time league MVP. Also winning two Gold Glove Awards as a mark of his defensive excellence, which proved his physical prowess. As is evident from his social media accounts, Rodriguez’s fitness drive is still active despite his retirement.


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Speaking on the Money Maze Podcast, Rodriguez said, “Well, it certainly gets harder and harder with age, right? It was much easier at 27. But I think it’s nutrition and then as a diversified way of going about things, I get bored easily. So I like to get some lifting in, some hot yoga. I spin on my bike.” 


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‘A-Rod’ further added, “I went for a walk last night after dinner. You just try to always stay active. I now have my i-watch, so I watch my calories and some of my measurements and all that stuff. And just keep it fun.” 

Apart from maintaining his physical fitness, ‘A-Rod’ is also presently dating a fitness instructor named Jaclyn Cordeiro. Thus, he might as well have also found the much-needed motivation on a regular basis now.


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