In 2023, Arizona Diamondbacks Earned a New Nickname: ‘The Answerbacks’

Published 10/30/2023, 10:50 AM EDT

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This season, all the eyes are on the Arizona Diamondbacks. As the postseason has reached almost an end, the teams have been bestowed with new stats, achievements, and even new nicknames. At least, that’s the case for the Diamondbacks. The team has various nicknames that represent their motto and branding. Recently, they received a new one that describes their fight-back spirit. The D-backs earned the “Answerbacks” name to emphasize the difference D-Backs made throughout the postseason.

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The World Series is getting exciting day by day as the two teams are trying their best to reach the ultimate title. But mostly, all are curious about the fashioned-return of the Arizona-based team. While they have struggled a lot to qualify for the postseason throughout two decades, to everyone’s surprise, they have finally made it to the World Series this year. Incidentally, this whole new birth has earned them a new nickname.

Why are the Arizona Diamondbacks being called the ‘Answerbacks’?


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Getting a new nickname requires either an outstanding performance or a devastating one. Of course, considering the Arizona’s this season progress, they got the nickname based on their blasting postseason performance, and World Series Game 2 win. Recently, a T.V. broadcaster Steve Berthiaume coined this term to honor the comeback spirit of the team.

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The ‘Answerbacks’ define the ‘not-to-give-up’ spirit of the team. The Snakes frequently narrow the gap created by their opponents, countering with a forceful response after absorbing an attack. They not only answer back the opponent’s defense, but often stop their offense with their solid strategies.


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Fans don’t need to go back long to find an instance that perfectly sumps up the scenario. One can easily consider the World Series Game 2 to determine whether the name is justified or not. After having a powerful setback in Game 1, the team made an astounding comeback within the next 24 hours, pausing the Texas Rangers’ progress and winning the Game 9-1.

During the NLCS as well, the D-backs proved this fact over and over. Started with defeats, they unexpectedly concluded the Philadelphia Phillies journey, all while taking the 4 wins in the best-of-seven. After every setback, they made a heroic return with their answers to the rivals. Anyway, the Diamondbacks already have two nicknames that are integrally related to the team.

Arizona Diamondbacks have some unique nicknames in their bag

Before diving deep into the nicknames of the team, let’s first have a brief look at the history of the team’s name. Choosing a name involves a thoughtful process. Similarly, when authorities settled on introducing the team, the final decision was to have it named the Arizona. For the next part, the team authority went for a contest and provided the public with five options- Coyotes, Diamondbacks, Phoenix, Rattlers, and Scorpions. The voting results came out in favor of Scorpions, but finally, the team decided to go with Diamondbacks.

Now, let’s check out the other nicknames the team has. Diamondbacks have multiple nicknames, and the most popular among them are the D-backs.

The origin of the name D-Backs is not complicated. Instead, the team authorities have shortened the ‘Diamondbacks’ to D-Backs for marketing purposes, as this sounds crisp and easy to remember. However, later, they officially adopted it as the nickname. However, the team has another nickname that is actually unique and has a captivating story behind it.

The Arizona-based baseball team is also referred to as ‘The Snakes.’ This might seem a bit weird to call a team Snakes. But the back story of it is quite interesting. The nickname originated because of their extensive use of snake imagery in their branding. Even a few years back, the team adopted the Rattlesnake as their primary logo. It was the native to that region and the desert on the southwest side.

Zooming in to 2023, the team is on their dream run this season that can’t be ignored in any way. Also, it completely justifies the recent name they received.

Arizona Diamondbacks’ ‘Answerback’ Moments on Game 2

Arizona was one of the most underrated teams of the season when 2023 began. However, they have shown an outstanding spirit that no one expected. Especially their comeback after a massive 5-6 blow in Game 1 of the World Series was incredible. They gave a quick answer to the opponent with some brilliant achievements.


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While the D-Backs were in a not-so-favorable state in the first two innings, Ketel Marte and Merrill Kelly did an exceptional job. With Corbin Carroll on third, Ketel Marte hit a sharp ground ball to first base, and Carroll ran on it. The right fielder’s tremendous speed allowed him to score and give the D-backs a 3-2 lead. Simultaneously, right-hander Merrill Kelly has managed to retire all nine batters he has faced in the initial three innings, recording four strikeouts in the process.

Another ‘Answerback’ moment Tommy Pham and Emmanuel Rivera came around to score, pushing the lead to 6-1. Shortly after, Carroll joined the excitement by driving in Geraldo Perdomo with a single, extending the Diamondbacks’ lead to 7-1. Apart from these, Kelly’s nine strikeouts over seven-innings also can be considered as the ‘Answerback’ moment for the Snakes.


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Who will win the World Series is not certain yet, but the D-Backs effort will bring them their lost glory for certain.

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