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Titles recognize players for their performances. Among all of them, every MLB player wants to get a chance at the Most Valuable Player (MVP), making it a highly desired award. A player is measured for his actual value to his team, character, and games played. Ballots are submitted, and that is what ultimately decides the MVP. Yet again, Shohei Ohtani is in contention as expected but another player is giving him competition. For once it’s not Aaron Judge.

The legendary two-way player of the Los Angeles Angels has been a regular for award talks in recent years. Shotime’s overall performance makes him indisputable in the league. But nothing remains forever. Another name is here to give him competition and it’s none other than Texas Rangers star, Corey Seager.

What makes Corey Seager give Shohei Ohtani tough competition?


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The stoic player of baseball has taken his team to the World Series. Corey Seager’s performance in the first matchup of the series against the Arizona Diamondbacks took the Rangers to a 6-5 walk-off victory. It electrified the entire Globe Life Field audience when Seager’s two home runs in the ninth inning put an end to all predictions about the game. But can Seager make it to the MVP title?

That might be difficult as MVP votes close on the last day of the regular season. The postseason isn’t factored in. Ballots are submitted before the beginning of the postseason, so the Rangers’ shortstop might earn the World Series MVP title. That is, if Adolis Garcia doesn’t surpass him. But as far as the regular season is confirmed, Shohei Ohtani is the top favorite.

Batters of the opposite team fear his mastery of the fastball, splitter, curveball – you name it. In the batter’s box, no pitcher wanted to face him. Despite missing the last month of the regular season due to injury, Ohtani led the American League in home runs in 2023. It deserves a repetition for effect – a pitcher leads the AL in home runs. But Corey Seager is still worth a mention.

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Why? If not for his multiple IL stints, the Rangers shortstop may have come close to Ohtani’s slugging numbers or even surpassed them. As it is, the late surge may not help his voting, despite slashing .327/ .484/ .673 in October. He also becomes the 16th player to have at least 40 career postseason walks. Is it any wonder fans are comparing him to a baseball unicorn?

On the long list of accomplishments, Seager holds something over Ohtani’s head


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The yakyu player of Japanese origin is set to become the baseball world’s most valued player. Record-setters have called him the best player in the history of baseball because none other has performed like a superstar on both sides of the ball. But unfortunately, Shohei Ohtani has yet to play baseball in October.

Corey Seager has been instrumental in taking the Lone Stars to the Word Series. But fans have never seen Ohtani in the postseason because the Angels regularly end the regular season with a disastrous record. On the other hand, Seager has regularly made the playoffs, first with the Dodgers and now with the Rangers.

MLB.com quoted third baseman, Josh Jung, “It’s like the script is written for him.” Seager seems to have woken up after a deep sleep to produce wonder baseball. He is now the third shortstop after Derek Jeter and Carlos Correa to have 17 career postseason home runs.


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But where MVP is concerned, 2023 won’t be his year.

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