Mariah Carey had just come out of an abusive relationship with her ex-husband. For the year she and the Yankees legend dated, she considers it to be a lovely, memorable time and an enormously important relationship.

Jeter had once dreamt of marrying Carey. However, the dream did not come true. Carey still held that relationship very close to her heart, and she even wrote songs about it.

 Mariah Carey was Derek Jeter’s teen crush


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Even though Carey and Jeter dated from 1997 to 1998, long before that, Jeter had dreamt of marrying his teen crush, Mariah.

Jeter told Carey, “‘I had this plan, I was going to come to New York. I was going to get on the Yankees. I was going to meet you, and I was going to steal you away from Tony Sony’ — his name for Tommy (Mottola, Carey’s first husband) — ‘and then we were going to get married.’”

Jeter had that kind of teen crush on Carey where he used to hang posters of her on his bedroom wall. Always with the game plan of marrying her. 

Even if their relationship did not last long, it was an enormously important relationship for Carey. In fact, Jeter was the second person she had ever slept with. 

Mariah said that the first time they slept together in Jeter’s house in Tampa, his sister Sharlee was also present in the house. Therefore, she called it, “Basically it was an eighth-grade event.”

Their time together was memorable

Carey was coming off of an emotionally abusive and controlling marriage with music executive Tommy Mottola when she had started dating Jeter. Hence, it was a very emotional time for her. 

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Carey recalled her time with Jeter as, “A short and sweet dream.” Additionally, she said, “It was so sensual. Everything was so new and sweet, down to the smooth texture of his honey-dropped skin… It was so heady, so intoxicating, and I was so vulnerable. I was in touch with a fire I didn’t know I had inside.”


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Even though their relationship did not last that long, they had a wonderful time together. Carey went on to marry Nick Cannon, and Jeter got married to the model, Hannah Davis.

This tells us that plans do not always come true. Jeter had planned to marry Carey even before meeting her. However, his plan did not get fulfilled, but he still got to date her for a year. 


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