Juan Soto Delivers Uplifting Speech to Young Yankees in Dominican Republic: “The Dream is Just the Beginning”

Published 02/14/2024, 8:00 AM EST

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While many players have their rookie seasons at 25, Juan Soto is already a veteran. Not only is he a veteran, but Soto is on the way to a Hall-of-Fame career. With achievements rivaling those of several Hall of Famers, it’s unbelievable how this 25-year-old has conquered baseball. So what was the mindset that led to such overachievements? Luckily, Soto has answered it a little in his recent speech. 

Visiting the New York Yankees academy in the Dominican Republic, Soto decided to inspire aspiring baseball players. While welcoming them to the academy, the superstar taught the young ones what they must do to succeed at the top level.

The “first step of a dream…” Juan Soto reveals his mindset


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Soto’s journey to superstardom has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Moving from the Dominican Republic to Washington, DC, he had a lot of adjustments to make. However, instead of losing his will, Soto took this as a challenge and worked on his craft. His immense discipline and mental fortitude aren’t unknown to anyone. So when talking to the young aspiring players, Soto shared how joining the academy was just the beginning. 

“It’s the first step of a dream you have just achieved and I congratulate each one of you. But the dream is just the beginning. There are still many steps to achieve and much to learn. Now comes an even bigger goal, which is to know how to behave like a professional. And to be a professional both on and off the field.” Soto then explained how players need to be professional both mentally and physically in every situation.


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The star was then asked about what he does to prepare himself physically and mentally before the season. To this Soto replied, “First and foremost, by trusting what I did in the off-season. Always preparing from day one, not waiting until the last week to get ready.” Soto then talked about his mental preparations, “But mentally, as I say, by always staying positive, always thinking the best, always trying to find motivations to move forward and think about what I really want and what my goal is. That’s my mindset.”


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The Yankees are certainly happy to have such talent with them. Soto is now imparting knowledge, but his eagerness to understand baseball has always bewildered players and coaches.

The Childish Bambino’s quest for perfection

When Soto got his second All-Star nod in 2022, he took this opportunity to learn more about the sport. He constantly asked questions and tried to grasp as much as he could from the legends of the game. 7x All-Star Nelson Cruz said to MLB.com, “He’s (Soto) always got questions; he has good questions.” Despite being a success, Soto has always remained a student of baseball.


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Cruz further added, “He’s pretty mature. Definitely, it doesn’t feel like that’s his age… I’ve been around a lot of players, but definitely you see a special player in him.” So clearly, Soto has affected even the legends of the sport at just the age of 25. One wonders just how high his star will rise. It’ll be quite a treat to witness his journey.

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