Natasha Rodriguez is following in her dad’s footsteps. Alex Rodriguez is most well-known for his athletic prowess and his twenty-two-season career in baseball. However, now that he has hung up his cleats, A-Rod has moved on to other ventures. Founder of A-Rod Corp and part owner of the NBA’s Timberwolves, the former Yankees player has proven his acumen in business. And Natasha Rodriguez is right behind him.

While neither of Rodriguez’s daughters followed him into sports, his almost fanatic devotion to being healthy has rubbed off on them. His oldest daughter just started at the University of Michigan for a BFA in musical theater and the retired ballplayer was extremely emotional at having to bid her goodbye. But Natasha has a sweet gift for her parent, one that might see her join the business world too.

Natasha Rodriguez’s Partnership With $413 Billion Walmart


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Walmart has long existed as the problem solver for all American needs and since 1962, it has done nothing but serve faithfully. While A-Rod is quite the sports star, he always knew that life as an athlete would not last. He planned to fall back on business, and he has the same advice for his daughter. Life in the world of Arts can be difficult and all he wants for Natasha is to have a backup plan. And it seems like she’s already using it.


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In a hilarious video promoting Walmart, Natasha partners up with the retail corporation to send a care package to her dad. Why? Because he keeps checking up on her like an anxious parent! The video starts with the budding musical theater artist asking the camera, “Is anyone else’s dad checking in again?” It then shows Alex Rodriguez constantly interrupting her day with texts.

“My dad won’t stop texting me while I’m away at college. With Walmart’s help, I’m sending him a care package with a few items that should keep him distracted and entertained while I’m away. Hope he likes it!” she says. The video then cuts to Rodriguez opening up the box, which immediately impresses him. “Hey Tash, I love my package.” He may be lonely without his kid there but she’s still taking care of him.

Then he tries out a comfy hoodie, “This? This is money right here. I’m gonna wear this.” Well, it was clearly successful! Since the tag on the post reads ‘Paid Partnership with Walmart’, one can assume Natasha has already stepped into the business world with her dad.


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Alex Rodriguez Is A Proud Dad

The former Yankee has been open about his relationship with his own father, or the lack of it. Perhaps that is what made him so determined to be a different father to his own kids and be supportive of them no matter what path they choose. And since 2023 was the year his eldest started as a freshman at college, A-Rod has openly spoken about how sad it makes him to see her leave.

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At the same time, he’s a proud parent who is watching his child spread her wings and seize her dreams. Wherever life takes her, Alex Rodriguez will be right by her side, cheering loudly.