Benches getting cleared in the ballpark are becoming pretty common nowadays in baseball. Every other day, even if something minute happens, every member of the team is on the field. It happened once again when the New York Yankees fought against the Tampa Bay Rays last night at the Tropicana Field. Baseman Josh Donaldson was ready to hit when Armstrong’s pitch nearly hit him on his head.

Clearly, Donaldson was annoyed and did not care that it happened by mistake. 


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What did Josh Donaldson do after almost falling down?

As soon as the ball missed Donaldson’s head, he went towards Armstrong. Then the catcher, Bethancourt, came in between and tried to resolve the matter. 

But Josh was not having any of it, and when Bethancourt tried to reason that it was a mistake, Josh just looked at him and said, “I don’t care.” And instantly, the benches got cleared from both sides to restore the order of the game. 

The commentator said, “There’s no punches being thrown. But the 3-0 pitch up around his chin, Donaldson did not like whatsoever.” The situation on the field quickly calmed down with both the teams trying to resolve the matter, and the game got resumed.

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However, in the end, the New York Yankees won the game by 2-1 at the Rays’ home ground.

Do the Yankees have an ill history with the Rays?

Last night’s brawl between the teams came two days after Donaldson faced Rays’ Jeffrey Springs. At one point, Donaldson got caught challenging him to throw more fastballs. There is history between the teams, with each thinking the other is out there on the field to target.


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The benches also got cleared when Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman threw a first-pitch 100.5-mph fastball and almost hit Mike Brosseau. Following the hit to Mike, benches cleared, and the Rays’ manager came to warn the Yankees. He also threatened the Yankees that he has pitchers who can retaliate, and something like that happened yesterday.


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It does not matter the number of times the benches get cleared on the field. But one thing that is for sure, is for the spectators to have an interesting and entertaining match.