$350 Million Worth Alex Rodriguez’s $2 Billion Beer Company Makes a Special Appearance at His St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Published 03/18/2023, 7:50 AM EDT

St. Patrick’s Day has just passed by and everyone is still celebrating with everything green. Clothes, food, drinks – anything and everything a person can think of is available in the color. In fact, most food and beverage outlets go all out to celebrate the day. Since the Feast of St. Patrick is not limited to Ireland anymore, people across the world go all out in the extravaganza. One of those people includes former baseball shortstop Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod may not be active in the baseball world anymore, but he certainly makes his presence known on social media. A self-made business mogul, the former Yankee also remains in touch with his beloved sport as an analyst for FOX. But perhaps more importantly, he heads his eponymous company, A-Rod Corp. And he celebrated the green-themed day there too!

Alex Rodriguez celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with his beer company


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Who doesn’t love indulging in a bit of alcohol now and then? But especially so when it’s religiously sanctioned? Rodriguez posted a video on Instagram that shows him celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with his self-owned beer brand, Presidente Beer. Two of A-Rod Corp’s employees, Nick Silva and Pete Rock, also join him. Ironically, Rodriguez is the only one wearing green.


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The clip starts with A-Rod telling the videographer to wait because he needs to take his sunglasses off, which he keeps somewhere off-screen. Then he talks to his companions in Spanish for a bit, finishing off with a “Salut! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody.”


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The person recording the video pans out the camera and moves it to the left to show where the video was filmed – the offices of A-Rod Corp.


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Presidente Beer takes the spotlight at all celebrations

Let’s be honest, no one would give up the chance for a little self-promotion. Especially if it just comes naturally and doesn’t seem like someone is trying too hard to sell their product. This wasn’t the first time the ex-Yankee brought up his beer company at a moment of festivity. Notably, A-Rod co-owns the $2 billion worth beer brand.

Rodriguez has opened up about what he does to unwind after a long day before, and like most people, he prefers a cold beer. Even better if the brand is Presidente. Having roots in the Dominican Republic, Rodriguez has a special connection with the brand, which originated in the South American country.


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How did YOU celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?



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