MLB Rumors: Miami Marlins Making $1 Million Splash to Acquire A 17-Year-Old Cuban Prodigy

Published 04/18/2024, 9:30 AM EDT

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The electrifying Cuban wonder kid may have just become a free agent. Ever since Luis Manuel Leon, the 17-year-old quick runner, came into the limelight, fans across MLB have been hoping that their team gets its hands on him. Now reports are emerging that MLB offices have declared him a free agent – so does that mean that a scramble for Leon has just begun?

Famous baseball journalist Francys Romero has been covering Luis Manuel Leon for a long time. A few hours ago, Romero gave some huge information regarding the future of the teenager. According to his sources, MLB Office has declared Leon a free agent and several teams are interested in the young prospect. However, as of now, the Miami Marlins are favorites to sign him due to their alleged bonus offer of over $1 million. 

At 17, Leon is already a 6’2” player who weighs over 165 lbs. However, it isn’t his physical appearance that makes him an attractive prospect. Last year it was revealed that Leon’s pace is unreal for a player of his age. He regularly makes a 60-yard dash in 6.2-6.4 seconds! Remember, a pace like this is usually seen in players in their physical peak while Leon is still in his growth stage. 


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Similarly, Leon’s batting skills have been called excellent. With so much potential, there’s no surprise that the league is highly interested in this 17-year-old. The fact that his brother Pedro Leon happens to be the Houston Astros’ top prospect is a nice bit of trivia. Perhaps the two brothers can compete on the top stage someday. 


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However, the surprising part is the Marlins’ emergence as favorites. Another team was a favorite to sign Leon last year but that isn’t the case anymore.

From the Cardinals to the Miami Marlins – multiple teams race for Luis Manuel Leon

Romero reported in 2023 that Leon was quite close to signing with the St. Louis Cardinals. He shared that multiple teams had made an offer at around $1 million but the Cards were the favored team. However, ever since then, there wasn’t much noise around Leon. But with the Marlins now emerging as favorites it seems the competition has been fierce for the young man.


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While the Marlins can seal the deal, it wouldn’t be surprising if other teams up their offers. Luis Manuel Leon is currently one of the most sought-after international talents available. The stage seems to be set for a fierce fight. Especially because teams are also ready to make full use of this draft season. It certainly will be interesting to see where Leon goes and witness his growth.


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