NBA legend Michael Jordan is undeniably one of the best athletes ever. From starting his career as a basketball player to getting recognized by the world, 6x World Champion MJ has come a long way. The former athlete joined the brand and launched Nike’s Jordans, whose sales have exploded in the last several years, pocketing MJ a quarter billion dollars in a year. And now, contributing to MJ’s economic status, LA Dodgers’ star, Mookie Betts, boasts his latest acquisition. 

Two years after debuting in the big league, the 7x All-Star became another face of Nike’s Air Jordans in 2016. Since then, their relationship has been going strong on the diamond. However, securing an endorsement from Nike was no easy feat for Betts. 

Betts shines in flawless Jordan 7 Cleats on Independence Day, joining the Nike trailblazer MJ


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Becoming the face of Nike, MJ opened up many opportunities, with many athletes becoming the face of the brand. And it entered the baseball world when MJ offered Captain Clutch Derek Jeter to become the first-ever MLB player representing the brand. 

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Dodgers’ star Mookie, who Nike has been sponsoring with customized cleats since 2016, wore a unique pair as the country celebrated Independence Day. Wearing cleats with white bases, red laces, and blue spikes, Betts stepped onto the plate. And a close look at his studs promoted MJ’s relationship with the footwear brand. 

Although MJ earned a total of $94,000,000 during his entire NBA career, his deal with Nike has helped him become the billionaire he is today. Now, it is earning him hundreds of millions yearly from the 5% royalty he takes home. And now, Betts is following suit. 

While Nike’s impressive annual revenue may be captivating, earning the endorsement was far from easy for Betts.


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Nike’s Jordans was a hard-earned endorsement journey for Betts

Betts was a budding superstar outfielder who was mesmerized when he saw David Price gleefully rocking the Jordans. Hence, aside from becoming a Hall of Famer, Mookie set it his goal to become associated with MJ’s Jordans. “Damn, I wanna get with Jordan Brand. How do I do that?” Betts asked Price

The latter told Mookie to display an elite level of performance in the ballpark. Within a month of Spring Training, with the assistance of Price, Betts made a notable transition from Under Armour to become an athlete endorsed by Jordan Brand. 


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In a dazzling display on Independence Day, Mookie Betts’ flawless Jordan 7 cleats took center stage, captivating audiences. And the journey to earn the endorsement of Nike’s Jordans proved to be a hard-fought and well-deserved accomplishment for Betts.

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