While talking about multi-talented players, the name Stephen Curry is never left behind. This multi-sport athlete showcased his hitting talents during the batting practice for Oakland Athletics. His shots at the practice showed his appreciation for the sport.

The Athletics have teamed up with Ayesha and Stephen Curry’s foundation to host 1000 children. 


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Stephen Curry hit the ball as his jump shot – easy

Oakland Athletics has teamed up with Ayesha Curry and her husband Stephen Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation to host 1000 students. Also, they are supposed to throw a ceremonial first pitch in the game. 

Before a game on Wednesday, Curry got invited by the team for some practice. It is where he showed everyone that he could belong to a baseball team if he wanted to. His shots to the left field certainly backed him up. His shots were as easy as his jump shots and showed he could play the game. 

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Having held the title of NBA’s Most Valuable Player twice in his career, Stephen Curry‘s admiration for other sports is commendable. In addition to being a four-time NBA champion, he is also an avid golfer. 

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Playing golf is not the only thing he is known for. He is also a fan of football. Now, we can say that he can also play baseball. All in all, he is a multi-sport athlete. 

Curry is gifted with multiple talents


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If names are written down in the history of multi-talented athletes, Curry’s name will definitely be on the list. As for why Curry has shown himself capable of playing sports that are not basketball. He holds the record for most 3-pointers in the history of basketball. 

He is a gifted golfer and plays it whenever he has time. It’s still unknown whether he’ll play golf professionally after retirement from basketball. But it sure is fun to see the athlete play.


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Having learned to play baseball from his father, Curry was always interested in sports, and his admiration for the same can be seen vividly. Do you think Curry can become a professional baseball or golf player? If yes, which team will he play for, Athletics or some other team?