Is it a surprise that Blake Snell is still a free agent? Maybe, but because he’s a Scott Boras client, it isn’t something out of the blue. What is surprising, however, is the fact that, apart from the New York Yankees, no other team has reportedly made a viable offer yet. How is it that the 2x Cy Young winner has such a dry market? Could it be his price? Perhaps. It is an issue, at least in one place: the Bronx. 

There have been multiple reports that Snell could be looking to get back on the table with the Yankees. Then conflicting reports came where it stated that things still look far from certain in this connection. But in this confusing web of stories, one thing has been certain: the cost of Snell isn’t easy to bear. 

Momentum slows down for Blake Snell


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The link between Blake Snell and the Bronx Bombers reached its peak when the Yankees offered him a big deal. However, things took a sharp left turn the moment he struck down that offer. In a sudden move, the Pinstripes pivoted to Marcus Stroman, and in a surprising turn of events, the two buried the hatchet to sign a deal. Ever since then, things have been cool between Snell and the Yankees. SNY’s Andy Martino and MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch recently gave their two cents on this topic. 

Martino said, “Despite the continued linkage between the sides, there hasn’t been any momentum on this front since the Yankees pulled their offer.” To this end, Hoch shared how high costs could be the reason why the Bronx Bombers have trodden their path carefully till now. “It’s just the price. Part of the holdup on the Yankees side is that they’re over the competitive balance tax, and they’ve been taxed 110%.”

This has been the understanding ever since the links first started emerging. The fact that anything that the Yankees offer will be taxed at 110% is worrisome for the Pinstripes. This becomes an even bigger issue when one sees that their payroll is right around $300 million!

The Bombers don’t have much wiggle room, and that has stopped this deal from happening. Especially as Boras has kept numbers above $200 million for Snell.

Luckily for the Yankees, their rotation looks well set for 2024. But the question is: Do they want more?


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The New York Yankees’ dilemma

This season, the Yankees are clearly in win-now mode. They have Soto for just one year and want to end their 14-year World Series drought in 2024. The issue is that, despite multiple additions, the roster remains slightly below the Baltimore Orioles. A big addition like Snell would immediately make the Bombers the favorites in the AL East. But then even a $32 million contract will cost them a huge $67.2 million. 

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That’s the kind of number that can be touched only through desperation. However, with the lineup firmly set for 2024, that desperation currently seems missing in the Pinstripes.

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