New York Yankees Set to Regret Luis Severino Decision? Mets Pitcher Impresses Amidst Bombers’ Rotation Shortage

Published 03/14/2024, 1:30 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Regret is the most enduring emotion. It’s the one thing that remains, even when times are good. Ask the New York Yankees – they might have an answer. The team let go of their long-time pitcher Luis Severino in the offseason because they had a great lineup. While it looked like a correct decision at first, things have changed quite a lot since then. 

The moment it became obvious that the Bronx Bombers weren’t interested in Severino, their neighbors made the move. Suddenly, the superfast pitcher was now a part of the New York Mets. Fans did troll the Mets for targeting an ex-Yankee, but then Spring Training came on that saw the pitcher rejuvenated, sent mixed feelings down the Bronx area. 

Initially, it didn’t matter much because the Yankees had a good lineup, but then Gerrit Cole got injured. That elbow “discomfort” has shaken the already under-confident Pinstripes pitching staff. The fact that Carlos Rodon and Nestor Cortes Jr. still look a little rusty adds fuel to the fire. At the same time, Severino is perhaps going through a kind of Spring Training that dreams are made of.


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According to Baseball Reference, in 9 innings till now Severino has given up only 5 hits. More importantly, he has struck out 8 hitters and has an ERA of just 1.00. Severino has developed multiple pitches in his arsenal and suddenly looks like his former All-Star self. The hyper-speed merchant’s rapid growth could prove to be a massive advantage for the Mets. So it’s only natural that one wonders – are the Pinstripes regretting letting him go?

While regret might start forming, the Yankees aren’t weak. Despite how their lineup has performed, the Bombers’ decision to let go of Severino stemmed from a simple fact – things had hit an impasse.


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Why the New York Yankees and Luis Severino connection had to end 

Severino’s 8-year stint with the Yankees was a classic roller-coaster ride. But it was clear that he had peaked in 2017-18. Ever since then, the pitcher’s career was filled with injuries that derailed his momentum. Despite that, the Bronx Bombers stuck by him for three more seasons. However, 2023 was perhaps what broke the camel’s back, with a 6.65 ERA.

For a pitcher who was aiming for a return to form, this was his career’s lowest point. Changes were bound to come with the Yankees, ending the season with just 82 wins. So it wasn’t surprising that they didn’t re-sign Severino – the pitcher’s growth had stalled.


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The fact that he’s showing growth in the Mets is a signal that he needed a change of environment. So, while one could speculate whether the Yankees regret the decision or not, it’s all in hindsight. Then, perhaps they had no other choice. 


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