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“I’ll Believe It When I See It”- Positive Damar Hamlin Update Fails to Fully Please 3X MLB All-Star

Published 01/06/2023, 10:09 AM EST

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Injuries and other health scares are a huge part of being a professional athlete. Most athletes suffer from them at some point in their careers. When athletes recover from injuries and other health issues. But when it was announced that Damar Hamlin was recovering well from a cardiac arrest he suffered, one legendary MLB player, Lenny Dykstra, was skeptical about the same.

The latest reports have said that the Buffalo Bills star is making a good recovery and that he hasn’t suffered any neurological damage. But 3-time All-star Lenny Dykstra has his doubts about the news.

Lenny Dykstra doubts the extent of Hamlin’s recovery


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As reported by several media platforms, Hamlin has reportedly taken a big step forward in his recovery. Lenny Dykstra reacted to the news with a tweet and in it, he expressed his doubt about Hamlin’s recovery. He said that if Hamlin had indeed recovered, it is great news, but he wants to see the proof with his own eyes. 

In the Tweet, Dykstra said “#DamarHamlin’s alleged full recovery: wonderful news if true. I’ll believe it when I see it.” This Tweet comes at a time when many are wondering about the status of Hamlin’s recovery. Furthermore, people want to know when Hamlin will fully recover and what side effects he may face. 


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This is not the first time that Dykstra has been straightforward with his words on social media. The former MLB All-Star recently commented on the state of Twitter and suggested his replacement for Elon Musk as CEO. But coming back to Hamlin’s recovery, it is good that the Bills star is getting better, but there is still some way to go. 

There are many steps ahead for Damar Hamlin

Although Hamlin has made a fantastic recovery, there is still a long road ahead for the Bills star. According to CNN, Dr. Timothy Pritts, one of the doctors treating Hamlin, said “There are many, many steps still ahead of him. From our standpoint, we would like to see him continue to improve, to be completely breathing on his own, and to be ready to be discharged from the hospital.”


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Following this, there will be more recovery and rehabilitation before Hamlin can take the field again. But the hope will be to see him play again soon. What do you think of Lenny Dykstra’s comments on Damar Hamlin’s recovery? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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