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New York Yankees’ Resident Giant Aaron Judge Once Shared an Uncanny Similarity to Retired NFL Great JJ Watt

Published 02/12/2023, 5:20 AM EST

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Aaron Judge, a behemoth of a man, stands tall in the field of baseball with his towering stature and unwavering determination. With his striking presence, Judge has made a name for himself as one of the best players in the game today. This historic feat is the result of his rigorous training routine and an unrelenting spirit that refuses to back down. 

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While Judge is still in the prime of his career, his dedication to his training routine has earned him a place among the legends of the game. And interestingly, the baseball phenom shares a similarity to NFL star J.J. Watt in this regard.

The uncanny similarity between Aaron Judge and J.J. Watt 


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Judge’s training is an intense regimen that requires the utmost commitment and a relentless drive. Box jumps, tire jumps, hurdle drills, and step-ups are just a few of his favorite exercises, according to

Interestingly, the Yankees slugger shares a love for box jumps and none other than the retired NFL phenom, J.J. Watt who left the game a few weeks back. Watt, known for his incredible strength and athleticism, was a fan of working out as well. His explosive power and agility are because he had been hard at work. The NFL star was also known for his rigorous training routine and commitment to fitness. 


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Now, what are box jumps? Box jumps are a high-intensity, lower-body workout that challenges both physical and mental fortitude. Imagine standing tall in front of a sturdy box, sizing up your target, and steeling yourself for the jump. With a deep breath, one can launch themselves into the air, powering the legs to propel themselves toward the top of the box. It’s not just a matter of brute force, but a true test of willpower and determination as you push your limits with each jump. The mental fortitude both these mammoth athletes have is certainly something.

What was J.J. Watt’s fitness routine like? 

Behind his defensive power lay his fierce determination. Again according to, six days a week, this former Wisconsin Badger transformed with a dynamic workout routine that was a blend of box jumps, sprints, squats, and tire flipping. 


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His tireless effort has earned him stunning personal records, including a 61” box jump and 1000 lbs tire flip. No wonder he was a quarterback’s worst nightmare on the field.

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