“No S***” – Fans Unhappy With Dave Roberts Defending Shohei Ohtani Amidst Inconsistent Start

Published 04/19/2024, 8:30 AM EDT

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It’s not surprising that Shohei Ohtani’s journey with the Los Angeles Dodgers started with some mixed responses. That $700 million deal raised expectations to a level that might not be attainable. However, Shotime’s slow start certainly didn’t help the matter. Even though Ohtani has gained his footing since then, some lingering issues still need to be dealt with. The Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts, noted them in a recent interview.

While Ohtani is currently slashing a ridiculously high .360/.400/.640/1.040, there’s one weak point in his play. Every time there are runners on bases, Ohtani’s bat has failed him. The superstar is currently just 1-19 in those situations. While fans have questioned this tendency, Roberts decided to defend Ohtani’s work ethic. But that didn’t sit well with some fans who’ve made their opinions known all over social media.

Dave Roberts appeared on the MLB Network recently. When the conversation shifted to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ golden boy, Shohei Ohtani, Roberts chose to praise the 29-year-old’s urge to consistently improve. “He is completely open to getting better in any way, shape, or form—any part of the game. His keen approach to winning… He plays to win. And not that I’m surprised by it but it’s just refreshing when you get a superstar whose only goal is to win,” Roberts said.


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This is in contrast to earlier in the week when Roberts had stated that Ohtani “needs to do better.” However, it isn’t a surprising development because Ohtani’s need for self-improvement is well-documented. Ohtani gives extensive time to training and is one of the most improvement-obsessed players in the league.

But, while the skipper’s words could be seen as a motivational force, fans had some questions. As a result, X was filled with sarcastic replies and comments on Roberts’ words. 


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Fans question Dave Roberts and Shohei Ohtani’s approach 

Los Angeles Dodgers’s fans have always had a mixed relationship with Dave Roberts. The skipper has led the team to winning seasons but has failed woefully in the postseason. As a result, his comments are almost met with some criticism. This time wasn’t any different. “Maybe Dave Roberts should be open to being better too,” said one supporter, echoing the fanbase’s opinion.

“Roberts talking about Ohtani Ohtani, but nothin’ about Taylor or Lux or ‘insert-name-into-the-blank’…’Mkay,” posted another fan. This was about the bottom lineup of the Dodgers that has been underwhelming till now. “No s***, aren’t all competitive athletes looking to get better, and winning Robert’s is flipping genius,” another post read. Fans found it obvious that Ohtani wants to improve – most athletes do.


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Meanwhile, there were a few fans who commented on money and Ippei Mizuhara’s gambling scandal. “It’s all about money, not winning. MLB is rigged,” one comment read, noting how money may have become a motivating factor in baseball. Then, another commenter decided to make a joke on the gambling issue, stating, “sometimes you have to take a gamble to see improvement…oh wait.” 

Some fans also complained about the Dodgers ruining Ohtani’s swinging; in short, they seem unhappy with the current situation. How will this frustration subside? Well, that’s for the Dodgers to find out.


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