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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez used to be one of the most celebrated couples. Both their fans love their bond, especially the love they show. Unlike most other celebrities, this couple never really tried to hide their relationship. They were often spotted together at different concerts and vacations. The former Yankees legend was even spotted getting emotional hearing her singing.

The baseball legend clearly demonstrated the respect he has for his ex-girlfriend’s work. Though he used to claim that he loved JLo’s dancing rather than singing, but even got shaken by her singing. The Pop-icon’s YouTube channel recorded the baseball legend’s emotional reaction to hearing his ex-girlfriend sing unexpectedly.

Alex Rodriguez Got Emotional Hearing Her Ex-Girlfriend Singing


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The 2009 World Series Champion was not a camera-friendly person during his baseball career, but after retirement, he was often seen giving interviews and talking about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend. This duo used to be connected emotionally, and they often got emotional when talking about each other. Even though it was rare, the baseball star got emotional when his girlfriend surprised him with a song.

It’s My Party was one of the most successful concert tours of Jennifer Lopez. She only had a few concert tours in her career, and this was fourth and one of the most successful among them. While this tour was happening, A-Rod was his girlfriend for the entire time, even during the practice sessions. Both filmed the BTS of the tour for their respective channels.

A video recorded a practice session of JLo while A-Rod sitting next to her. While things were going according to the plans, suddenly the pop singer started singing, surprising and amusing her ex-fiance. The former Yankees legend emotionally expressed, “Oh my God baby. No, no, no, no, no… My heart can’t take it. No, no, no, no, no.”

It was an emotional and warm moment for him to listen to his girlfriend singing suddenly without any prior preparation. The scene clearly expresses how happy and surprised he was. This couple received a huge fanbase and love from their fans because of the understanding and respect they share. The emotional attachment was so high that a legendary baseball player who have faced potent enemies throughout his career got shaken.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s Dating History


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This duo’s first meeting was back in 2005, while both were married to their ex-partners. That was a casual meet, and then they had no connections until 2017 when they met for the second time. This meeting triggered their relationship. According to the sources, started with JLo tapping A-Rod’s shoulder, and it ended with the legend asking the celebrity singer out for dinner. This time, they started dating almost immediately and announced it.

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While everything was going right and this couple planned their wedding, again, catastrophe happened. Proving all the rumors true, they ended their relationship without saying a proper reason for it. Though fans have been guessing a lot of things that maybe A-Rod had another affair or JLo wanted her ex-husband back, this couple stated nothing. They parted ways and moved on.


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No matter what happened between them, their emotional attachment was always visible. Even the videos on their channels had the proof. A-Rod was so much attached and loved her singing that it was enough to shake the 2009 World Series Champion emotionally.

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