Singer Mariah Carey revealed in one of her interviews that her love affair with baseball legend Derek Jeter was extramarital. Attracted to the charismatic Jeter, Carey got carried away into penning a couple of songs about him.

On the other hand, Jeter too had plans of crowning her as the Queen of his kingdom.


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The Laws Of Attraction Defy Gravity

Mariah Carey speaking in an interview before the release of her memoir told, that she actually wrote two of her songs about Derek Jeter in 1997. Apparently, the same year both met, and the romantic escapades took form. In her memoir titled ‘The Meaning Of Mariah Carey’, she shared that she first met Jeter at a dinner party. Both then started texting each other towards the end of Carey’s marriage.

Mariah Carey was married to Tommy Mottola when the two began secretly dating. A relationship, which she later slammed as being abusive, drawing a direct comparison to life in prison. So seeing Derek Jeter, she felt like having met her dream man and found romantic freedom. While Derek Jeter himself fancied a happily married life with Carey. 

Some romantic moments Carey shared with Jeter on the rooftop of his apartment building inspired her song, ‘The Roof’. Another song of hers, ‘My All’ was about her fling with Jeter. On the other hand, she referred to her previous home with former husband Tommy Mottola as ‘Sing Sing’, the name of the infamous New York prison.

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When asked if she still remembers her kiss with Jeter, Carey quoted“Of course I do.” She said, “I can never forget that moment.” She further added, “I mean, it’s not like it was some intensely deep, intellectually stimulating — again, it was a great moment, and it happened in a divine way because it helped me get past living there, in Sing Sing, under those rules and regulations.″ 

Appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Carey once famously stated that Jeter was the catalyst who convinced her to sever ties with Mottola. 

Derek Jeter and Mariah Carey: Brief yet memorable


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Mariah Carey and Derek Jeter were only together from 1997 to 1998. The timeline signifies the end part of Carey’s marriage with Tommy Mottola. However, Carey still holds her fling with Jeter as one of the most serene memories of her life. She still considers Jeter to be her savior back then.

Carey calls her time with Jeter, “a short and sweet dream.” 


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Carey divorced Mottola in 1998 and tied the knot with Nick Cannon in 2008. The couple had a pair of twins but parted ways in 2016. Jeter, on the other hand, went on to date Minka Kelly, Adriana Lima, and Jessica Alba. He is now married to model Hannah Davis, with whom he has three daughters.

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