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On the Brink of His First Cy Young Award, Did You Know About Gerrit Cole’s Secret Harry Styles Fandom?

Published 11/15/2023, 9:00 AM EST

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While the Cy Young may make Gerrit Cole feel ecstatic, it might not equal the watermelon sugar high. For his outstanding play in 2023, the New York Yankees may grab the biggest pitching award in the league on Thursday. With the season over, Cole’s off-field activities, like soccer practice with his son Caden, have taken over the internet lately. Yet another new fact about his personal life emerged earlier this year and it has to do with ‘Late Night Talking’.

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Who’d have guessed that the ace would be such a huge fan of Harry Styles? Well! if one knows Gerrit Cole, one would have guessed by now that he does have the most peculiar tastes. His love for Styles might make him an even more lovable figure for Yankees Nation. But how deep into the ‘Stylers’ is he entrenched? Was he a fanboy during the One Direction era?

Harry Style fandom stories of Gerrit Cole


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Multiple people close to Gerrit Cole have talked about his singing ability and love to vibe with any Harry Styles song. One of the most famous ones was told by The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner. When the Yankees win, a certain postgame playlist takes over in the clubhouse. At one particluar instance in June when a party anthem was playing, the Pinstripers were vibing to ‘Shots’ by LMFAO. That’s when Cole went to the iMac and decided to change the song.

He chose Harry Style’s ‘Watermelon Sugar’, following it up by calling the British singing sensation “F***ing GOAT!” and left the scene. What a legendary exit! The players certainly didn’t mind the change and left it ‘As it was’. But the story hilariously shows how proud Cole is of his music taste.


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However, there’s another even more interesting tale about his singing ability. This one is told by the Yankees captain Aaron Judge. During an interview with Bob Klapisch, Judge talked about the team singing ‘God Bless America’ and that’s when he said this about Gerrit Cole’s singing. “He is so good, he can make you feel bad about your own voice.” 

Judge then went on to reveal that they make Cole sing more because of this, even call the pitcher’s voice angelic. But the most interesting part was when he revealed that Cole sings Harry Styles’ songs note for note. This information was like a ‘Cherry’ on top of a sweet as sugar cake. But interestingly, there is yet another surprising hobby the fan favorite Yankees ace loves to indulge in.


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The ballpark is not the only place Cole spends time “cooking”

Gerrit Cole is one of the most effective pitchers in MLB. In the words that suit 2023, every time he’s on the field the man spends time “cooking’.  But he actually loves to cook in a kitchen as well. Cole is a big lover of making ingredients work together on the stove and is a huge wine aficionado. He has created his own recipes and alternatives that are healthier, owing to his career as an athlete. Once, he even showed one of those recipes when he arrived on the CHOC Children’s YouTube channel.


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So now with him so near his goal of winning the Cy Young Award, he’d probably celebrate it by listening to some nice old Styles songs. He has been quite loved  ‘Ever Since New York’ came into his life. While the Bronx Faithful would love his award to be a ‘Sign of the Times’ to come, the team which has seen a bit of dark days would want to see some ‘Daylight’ and get back their dynasty as it was in the late 90s.

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