12x Grammy winner Taylor Swift continues to make waves in the entertainment industry. Most recently, the iconic singer re-released her studio album, “Speak Now.” Needless to say, her music is topping the charts while making fans emotional at the same time. On the other hand, MLB’s New York Yankees continue to give poor performance, making them move down to the fourth position in their division. 

As it happened, baseball fans have brought up an emotional parallel connecting Taylor’s songs to the Yanks’ skimpy performance

Taylor Swift’s melodies strike a chord with the New York Yankees fans’ sentiments


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The baseball season has reached its Midsummer Classic. And so far, the Yankees have been consistent with their unsatisfactory performance. As they continued doing the same, and the Yanks suffered a brutal loss to the Chicago Cubs this Friday night. Insult to the injury was their scoreless game, giving the Cubs a chance to make history on the Yankee Stadium. 

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Notably, with yet another horrendous loss, fans are beyond frustrated with the franchise. Hence, shortly after the Yankees lost Friday’s home game, Eric Hubbs of Barstool Sports took to Twitter to share a rather unpleasant parallel. “Fiancée sobbing in the other room watching a live stream of Taylor Swift. Can only imagine how she’d feel if she truly understood how flawed Brian Cashman’s lineup construction is,” wrote Eric. 

Moments after he tweeted the above words, baseball fans started agreeing with him over how degrading the team’s play has been this season. 

Should the Yankees’ fans move to Taylor’s music?

The emotional lyrics of the singer’s songs evoke tears from her devoted fans. Meanwhile, the Yankees have been putting on a consistently disappointing play, making the fans cry tears of despair. Hence, fans agree that Eric should listen to Taylor’s music instead of watching the Yankees play. 

Have a look at what the fans have to say:

What tears would you rather have?


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The Bronx Bombers have succumbed to injuries ever since they started the season. It hasn’t stopped, and they have already reached Mid Summer Classic. But their position in their league has dropped from third to now fourth.


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If you’re a Yankees fan, is it time to change allegiances? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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