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When Derek Jeter’s Decorated Yankees Teammate, Who Turns 60 Today, Made a Seinfeld Memory No One Will Ever Forget

Published 02/25/2023, 12:10 PM EST

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Transport yourself back to a time when the world was a simpler place. When people gathered around their box televisions to laugh and forget about their troubles for a little while. It was a time when the New York Yankees were at the top of their game, dominating the World Series year after year. And amidst all this excitement, there was one sitcom that stood out as a true classic – Seinfeld. 

America’s Favorite Video Today

Imagine coming home after a long day of work, cracking open a cold beer, and losing yourself in the hilarious antics of the flawed but endearing characters. One of their most memorable moments involved a special appearance by one of Derek Jeter’s beloved Yankees teammates. 

Paul O’Neill celebrates his 60th birthday today, so raise a glass to O’Neill and to the timeless magic of Seinfeld, and let’s look back on that unforgettable Seinfeld episode. 


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Paul O’Neill’s hilarious cameo as himself in Seinfeld 

For die-hard Yankees fans, Paul O’Neill is a name that still elicits cheers. And perhaps one of the reasons why he remains so beloved was his cameo on Seinfeld. O’Neill made a guest appearance that now tugs at the edges of nostalgia. 

The scene starts with Kramer sneaking into the Yankees’ supposed clubroom and engaging in a series of quips with O’Neill. A few wisecracks later, Kramer asks the player to do something special for a young boy in the hospital – hit two home runs. O’Neill’s reaction is priceless as he incredulously asks, “You promised a kid in the hospital that I would hit TWO home runs?!” He goes on to explain just how difficult it is to hit home runs, and questions where Kramer got the idea that he could hit two. 


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Kramer, never one to back down, used the Babe Ruth card and pestered O’Neill on, “Well, Babe Ruth did it.” To which O’Neil replied, “No he did not!”

“Are you calling Babe Ruth a liar?!”

O’Neill, having none of it, retorted, “I’m not calling him a liar, but he wasn’t stupid enough to promise two.” 


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And just like that, the icon’s cameo is over. For those who want to relive the moment, “The Wink” season 7, episode 4, is an episode that is sure to bring a smile to one’s face. 

Babe Ruth did in fact, hit multiple promised home runs for an injured young fan 

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Incredible stories surround Babe Ruth. One such story involves a young fan, baseball, and several balls flying that soar out of the park. It was before a 1926 World Series game and Ruth was approached by a young man who was injured after a horse riding session went wrong. He had been seeking just an autograph, but Ruth did something even more special for the kid. He took the baseball and wrote a message on it, promising the young fan that he would hit a home run for him that day. 


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Now, many would have dismissed this as a simple gesture – a kind but empty promise. But not Ruth. He took that promise to heart, and when he stepped onto the field that day, he did something truly amazing. He hit not one, not two, but three home runs – all for that young fan. So, in jest, it looks like O’Neill had been calling Ruth a liar after all. 

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