Popular Nightclub Owner Once Revealed the Only Condition ‘Party Animal’ Derek Jeter Would Enter His Club

Published 02/09/2023, 10:22 AM EST

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Derek Jeter, the sensational shortstop of the New York Yankees, was royalty off the field. During his prime, he had the hearts of New York City beating in unison, living a life that was fit for a king. One such incident can be recalled when he used to unwind at a China Club in the city.

Jeter and a few of his MLB colleagues would only visit the club during their off-season, indulging in a few drinks and cutting loose on the dance floor as they took a well-deserved break from their grueling schedule. However, the club was only visited by the athletes when their duty to the game was not calling.

Derek Jeter didn’t come back to the club until he won the Fall Classic


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In 1999, the vibrant atmosphere of the China club in New York was the place to be for Derek Jeter and his teammates, as they sought to unwind and let loose. Michael Barrett, the club’s owner and manager, recalled the Yankees living their best life at the club, but only when their duty to the game was not calling.

According to the NY Post, Barrett narrated the player’s visits to the club, “They [the Yankees] like to get a little tight sometimes, but they’re not like the hockey players, who are really hard-drinking types, maybe because they get hit so much,” said the China Club’s owner. “They drink Evian or maybe a light beer.”


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But there was a rule that the players followed. They wouldn’t come back to the club until they had won a World Series. As Barrett recounted, “They won’t come back to the club until they win the World Series.” This rule was put to the test in 1999 and 2000, when the New York Yankees won both World Series, therefore, bringing the China club back to life. 


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After each win, the club scene came alive again, as the players stepped back into the limelight of the nightlife. 

What was Jeter like in the club scene?  

Derek Jeter was a true gentleman in the club scene. According to Barrett, Jeter was as kind, amicable, and gracious as anyone could ever hope to meet. He was known to engage in conversation with others and was always willing to sign autographs.


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In all, Jeter’s demeanor was in stark contrast to the typical club scene, where attitudes and conflicts often ran rampant. Although the nightclub days are way behind the athletes, their legacy of winning the World Series still lives on. 

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