New Technologies are gradually entering the world of baseball. As the world progresses, new systems replace the previous ones, making the games more exciting. However, sometimes, those even get backlash from fans and players. The Pitch Clock rule is a current and prominent example of it.

Earlier this year, the MLB Players Association requested to extend the clock by a few additional seconds, arguing that on-pitch delays wouldn’t significantly impact the game. However, the players and fans were left disheartened by the MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred’s, commonly known as the ‘Man Who Hates Baseball, reluctance to accommodate this request. While the Pitch Clock controversy has been normalized as the Postseason approaches, a newly updated list created another wave.

The Updated Injury List Has Unexpected Names


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The Pitch Clock rule evidently received backlash from the beginning. From fans to managers, even players are not happy with this new rule. However, the MLB authority confirmed this rule won’t be abolished sooner. Amidst the excitement of Postseason qualifying fights between the teams, this criticism was almost gone. But again, the latest Pitch Clock list created negative reactions among the MLB fans.

Recently, a Twitter post revealed the latest list of players who won’t complete their season due to injuries. This list has several renowned pitchers, including Frankie Montas, Max Scherzer, Shohei Ohtani, and many others.

While fans got angry about the rule, they even became critical of the Commissioner of MLB, Rob Manfred. Ignoring the protests of the players and managers, the higher authorities imposed this rule. Initially, they believed that players would get used to the rule with time. However, now things are getting severe counterreactions.

The Pitch Clock rule has been primarily added to make the games more exciting. Reducing the time the hitters and pitchers waste in the middle of the game, the authority wanted to make things less time-consuming and engaging. They even tested it for years in the Minor Leagues before introducing it to the MLB. However, that backfired.

For the unversed, Pitch Clock rule is where players will be allotted 30 seconds to resume play between batters. When there are no baserunners, pitchers are given a 15-second window between pitches, which extends to 20 seconds when there is a baserunner. It is imperative that the pitcher initiates their delivery before the allotted time elapses. Violating this rule will have consequences. But the recent list shows that it didn’t spare even the injured players.

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Injuring and game defeats of their favorite teams have already disheartened fans, and the latest updated list fired it up. They have jumped into the Commissioner and the rule to express their frustration.

Fans Brutally Criticized The Pitch Clock

Changes come with criticisms. That’s almost an inevitable rule. The Pitch Clock rule is no exception. This rule again backfired when almost everyone got used to it. Fans, like always, stand beside their favorite players. They pointed at the rule and claimed for its termination.

Some called it “Brutal”.

Fans even said that these rules will “ruin the game”.

Some sarcastically asked to define how Pitch Clock “prevented injuries”.


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Some shout to “ban” this rule.


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What is your opinion on the Pitch Clock rule? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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