Soccer legend Pele’s demise has put the entire sporting world in shock. Notably, the 3-time World Cup winner was suffering from illness for a long time. Apart from the soccer world, the MLB community also came forward and paid their last respect to the Brazilian legend.

Derek Jeter’s sister, Sharlee, recently put forward her condolences following the death of soccer legend Pele. A former MLB pitcher has thus paid his tributes to lead the MLB fraternity into joining the millions. It’s nothing new to notice MLB stars speaking out on events from the soccer realm. Though it’s more of a heartbreaking matter this time, so retired MLB star Kyle Farnsworth has put forth his solicitude. Farnsworth reacted to Pele’s death on his social media handle. 

Derek Jeter’s sister and Kyle Farnsworth lament Pele’s death 


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Sharlee Jeter and Farnsworth joined in chorus among countless others to mourn Pele’s death. As the big trending news in the sporting world goes, the soccer stalwart passed away on December 29th, 2022. He was 82 at the time of his death. A majestic athlete, Pele earned an honorable reputation as ‘the greatest’ from the FIFA organization. 

Pele’s influence inspired many aspiring athletes across generations, and likewise, his death was felt by many. Sharlee posted a reel of the soccer luminary’s image with a pair of folded hands. On the other hand, Farnsworth shared a reel with Pele’s image, quoting the words, “RIP Legend.” Whereas, the Barstool Sports network shared the news on their Twitter account, writing, “RIP Pele. The first GOAT.” 

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Taking to Twitter, fans and celebrities across the world also reacted to Pele’s demise. One fan replied briefly highlighted the late Pele’s skills, by writing, “Great with both feet, heading the ball, terrific passer, set plays, dribbling, speed, power — he could do it all.” 

Some tweets from noteworthy figures: 


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Therefore, as is evident from the statements, Pele’s death has thus created a huge void in the sporting universe. Pele was a sporting figure, who made a big influence on the entire world during his lifetime. 

What made Pele such an elite sporting personality? 

Pele scored a humongous total of 1279 goals in his professional soccer career. He guided Brazil to four FIFA World Cup finals, winning three trophies. In 1999, Time Magazine listed him among the 100 Most Important People Of The Century. Moving ahead, he got voted the FIFA Player Of The Century in 2000. He also played for the New York Cosmos in the North American Soccer League in 1975. Interestingly, Pele also acted in the 1981 film Escape To Victory. 


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So, what are your thoughts about Pele’s death? Have you got any fond memories of watching him play? Let us know in the comments section!