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New York Yankees superstars Anthony Rizzo and Aaron Judge share a thick bond among famous friendships in MLB. Beginning in 2021, the bond between the two thickened during the Judge’s record-setting summer of ’22. The two share a fruitful bond on and off the field. However, things are not the same as the 2022 season. Ever since the exit of Judge due to the toe injury, Rizzo has seen a downfall in his game.

In the wake of the Yankees captain’s injury, Rizzo’s performance took a disappointing turn, giving rise to what has been dubbed a slump. But, was it really because of the 31-year-old’s absence or there was some other reason? Let’s find out!

Anthony Rizzo’s hitless streak continues after Aaron Judge Injury


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Rizzo currently holds the 29th position in home runs and the 52nd spot in RBI among all MLB. However, his performance in the initial and later parts of the season hasn’t been the same. Even though he started off the season on a pleasant note, the 33-year-old is facing some serious slump from the plate in his partner-in-crime Judge’s absence. It is to be noted that Rizzo (32) and Judge (62) collectively hit 94 homers last season. When talking about this season, the Yankees slugger has only 11 HRs to his name.

Addressing the same, MLB insider, Bryan Hoch, shared a tweet. The tweet reads, “Anthony Rizzo doesn’t have a hit since the day Aaron Judge hit the Dodger Stadium wall.” There were several mixed reactions from the fans regarding this tweet. 

A fan regarded the Yankees as an overrated team, which is nothing without Aaron Judge in the gameplay.

Meanwhile, the other fan summarised the subpar performance of the team, commenting, “Pathetic! None of the first five hitters in the lineup tonight have a hit through 8 innings. Horrible. 3 hits through 8.”

On the other hand, a fan spoke directly about the notorious start of the career of the player. They quoted, “Rizzo is a notorious slow starter in his career. This year has been the opposite. Without judge he has no protection in the lineup, he suffers and so does everyone else. Judge clearly makes everyone better.

Not only the comments stopped here, but Rizzo’s slump was also even got labeled as a “Sympathy slump,” and “Sympathy pain,” by fans.

Anthony Rizzo’s neck injury might be the reason


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Although most of the fans are linking the downfall of the 33-year-old with the absence of his dearest friend, Aaron Judge, some fans are also trying to associate it with Rizzo’s neck injury. During the top of the sixth inning in Sunday’s game against the San Diego Padres, Rizzo was forced to exit the game following a collision with Fernando Tatis Jr. on a pickoff attempt.

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Regardless of Rizzo being on the injured list before getting into the season, Aaron Judge is a highly anticipated reason for his hitless streak in the later part of the season. This slump, however, shines a light on the unwavering friendship between Rizzo and Judge, demonstrating its resilience and strength in the face of adversity.


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Only time will tell when the Yankees fans will get to see the 2022 version of Anthony Rizzo!

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