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“That’s Maybe Why I’m Single” – When Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez Jokingly Talked About the Super Bowl Popcorn Incident Involving Cameron Diaz

Published 07/23/2022, 3:02 AM EDT

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Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez has a history of high-profile romantic affairs. He once briefly dated actress Cameron Diaz. While they were dating, the couple went to a Super Bowl game in 2011. A scene of Diaz feeding popcorn to ‘A-Rod’ during the game made headlines at that time.

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Having retired from baseball in 2016, Yankees legend Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez works as a broadcaster, analyst, and entrepreneur. ‘A-Rod’ is an immortal figure in the New York Yankees jersey. While Cameron Diaz is a famous actress with global popularity. They both dated for a very brief period of time, from the year 2010 to 2011.


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The romantic affair between Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz ended after a short fling. They were together only for over a year. But an incident from during their romantic escapade has lived on. That includes a live video recording of ‘A-Rod’ being fed popcorn by Diaz during a Super Bowl game. 

Has Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez figured out his reason for being single? 

Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez was always a frontline pick for the Yankees. He was consistently in the spotlight during his playing career. But even after having bid farewell to the sport in 2016, he still remains in the limelight for various reasons. Partly because of his starry love affairs. Dating a film actress as popular as Cameron Diaz, it becomes difficult to escape public attention for too long. 

When a celebrity couple begins dating, the media and public get curious. So, if a popular couple is sighted in an event as big as Super Bowl, it’s bound to make some headlines. Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz went to the Super Bowl game between Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers in 2011. Unfortunately for Rodriguez, he was spotted by cameras while being fed popcorn by his then-girlfriend Diaz. 


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As a result of the publicity for the tender moment, ‘A-Rod’ had to face negative reactions. ‘A-Rod’ got slammed for being awkward. Nonetheless, in a brief romance, that was a highlight moment. Both ‘A-Rod’ and Diaz later laughed at the incident. Notably, ‘A-Rod’ was still an active baseball player at that time. 

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As most baseball fans are aware, ‘A-Rod’ is now a broadcaster and analyst at Fox Sports. Talking at a panel in the 2021 MLB edition, the experts were analyzing a game between the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays. The panel laughed at sequences of Rays players eating popcorn mid-game. Just then, the Rodriguez – Diaz flashback reel popped up and Rodriguez, a member of the panel, jokingly quoted, “That’s maybe why I’m single.” 


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Where is the celebrity pair now? 

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After parting ways, Cameron Diaz went on to marry musician Benji Madden. On the other hand, Alex Rodriguez is still single after a few more broken romantic connections since then. But ‘A-Rod’ has possibly discovered the reason why he is still single.

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Is Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez going to be single forever? 




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