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‘The Martian’ Moniker: Story Behind Jasson Dominguez’s Nickname ‘El Marciano’

Published 11/11/2023, 7:10 AM EST

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An alien landed straight in the Bronx and took everyone’s breath away. In the world of baseball, the Yanks’ talents twinkle like no other, even though recent years have seen their shine dim disastrously. One Bomber from the Dominican Republic who has created endless jaw-dropping moments for fans is Jasson Dominguez. Inspired by his nickname, The Martian, the 20-year-old Yankees slugger seems not to be from Earth. But, how did Jasson Dominguez become the Martian for this world? 

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Top New York Yankees outfielder, the 20-year-old arrived in the Bronx in the 2023 season. He only played seven games in September but left a lasting impression with home run after home run. It’s not hard to believe the young slugger is, quite literally, out of this world.

Birth of “The Martian”


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Young Dominguez in the streets of Esperanza, Dominicana, quickly stole the hearts of the baseball enthusiasts with his remarkable skills. The Martian, despite being a teenager, began crushing in the batter’s box as a marvelous switch hitter. Major league scouts, instantly mesmerized by the young player’s unique abilities, labeled him extraordinary. 

When someone called him “El Marciano”, meaning The Martian in Spanish, it stuck as a moniker for the hyped prospect. “There was no way he was from this world,” Jess Passan from ESPN said of Dominguez.


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Even the slugger embraces his nickname according to a Reddit user, who described the encounter with Dominguez. The user didn’t recognize the player at a glance and asked, “Did you see any games while you were on vacation?”, to which he replied, “I play…. I am Martian. I am out of this world.

The world witnessed the power of El Marciano when he debuted in the Bronx in September 2023 and without fail made a big impact. Even the Yankees director said, “It’s very rare to see that combination….You look at tools, athleticism, makeup, and performance as an amateur — and the analytical data backs up everything. He checked every box.” 

The 20-year-old in Double-A 2023, hit 15 homers and stole 37 bases with an OPS of .781 and moved up to Triple-A baseball. In nine games in Scranton, he hit for a 1.094 OPS and was rewarded with a promotion. It appears like the rising star is bringing joy not only to the fans but even to the captain. 

Aaron Judge WOW moment 


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Dominguez started red-hot in pro ball after hitting four home runs in five games, later shining at Yankee Stadium. Just like the rest of the league, the youngster’s teammate and captain were equally awestruck.

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The Captain, Aaron Judge, had a WOW moment, seeing the Martian homer. The one who regularly leaves fans with their mouths hanging open was mesmerized by the young talent from his team!


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The 20-year-old Yankee is living up to his otherworldly name in style. Yankees Nation can only hope he makes a swift return from injury next season.

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