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“They’d Have to Trade Me First”- Derek Jeter Once Had an Epic Reaction to MLB Executive for Labeling Him ‘The Worst Shortstop He’d Ever Seen’

Published 07/15/2022, 6:31 AM EDT

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Sometimes, not being good at something now does not mean you won’t be good at it later. Well, that is what happened with the New York Yankees’ 1992 top draft pick, Derek Jeter.

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In 1993, while two months still left in the season, Jeter had already made 37 errors for the Single-A Greensboro (N.C.) Hornets. 


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Everybody had a lot to say about Derek Jeter

While Jeter was going through a bit of a rough patch, people around him had a lot of opinions on how he should change his position. MLB executive, Tim Cullen in a scouting report said to the Yankees, “God Almighty, this is the worst shortstop I’ve ever seen. Where did you guys find him?”.

All the opinions came to the point where even the Yankees officials had to say to the Greensboro Officials, “Tell that damn scorekeeper to quit giving Jeter all those bleepin’ errors!“. Even the scorer, Ogi Overman replied, “The poor kid earned every one.


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Until now, Jeter had not said one word to his defense or whether or not he was going to change positions.

Long decided it was time for an intervention

After all, it is your close ones who come to help you. Jeter’s then-teammate and roommate, R.D. Long, had decided to sit him down and give him a talk about how he might get moved. What everyone else was avoiding was said by Long to his friend during lunch. He said, “Jeet, you have to prepare yourself. They might move you.


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What followed this statement from his friend was an awkward stare for quite a while. Then came an epic reply from the star. “It’s never going to happen,” Jeter says flatly. “They’d have to trade me first. I’m never moving from shortstop. Never. And, I’m going to hit .400!”

Although, Jeter did put a stop to his errors, all while making the South Atlantic League Record of 56 errors. Even after 21 years, the legendary player had not stopped playing shortstop. Nobody has traded him. Additionally, he did not hit .400 but did bat .295.

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He could have easily switched positions. He could have said something in his defense of everyone’s opinions. But he did not. He chose to give them all a reply by becoming known for his Hall of Fame career as a shortstop for the New York Yankees. He had 3400 plus hits and played through five World Series titles. 

None of this would have happened had he given up while going through his rough patch. 

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