“This Team is So Fun”: Savannah Bananas Star Creates Yet Another Viral Moment at Second Base to Leave Fans Awestruck

Published 03/18/2023, 9:15 AM EDT

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Baseball has been the American people’s favorite pastime for decades. The sport was a great way for people to get away from their daily lives and feel refreshed. But in recent years, the game has slowed down. The Savannah Bananas are a team that has once again captured the hearts of the audience. They put the fans’ experience ahead of everything else. 

The Bananas team owner Jesse Cole has changed the games completely, introducing new rules and mid-game dances to excite fans. Most recently, one of the Bananas’ players made an incredible play by showing off his unique yet excellent defensive play.

Savannah Bananas’ second baseman does a cartwheel while making a defensive play


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The Savannah Bananas are baseball’s most fun team to watch. Fans love seeing their quirky mid-game dances, the innovative rules, and the fast-paced play. They regularly snatch the headlines with their incredibly innovative game style. Most recently, the Bananas’ second baseman did a cartwheel while making a defensive play. The Bananas shared a video of the play on Twitter. 

In the Tweet, they said, “Okay but has your second baseman ever done a cartwheel while fielding a ground ball? Perks of having a rodeo clown on the team🤠”. This was an amazing play to collect the ground ball and then secure the out. But it’s not the first time the Bananas have shown fans plays like this. They once left fans awed with a blazing play.

Every game that they play is filled with energy and bound to give fans at least one jaw-dropping play. Furthermore, it is precisely this style of play and novel side to the game that draws in the crowds. But no matter how prepared one is, there are some plays that just shock you. Fans have reacted to the cartwheel defensive play and spoken their minds.

Baseball fans left amazed after the incredible defensive display from the Bananas’ player

Fans have shared an outpouring of positive comments about this acrobatic defensive play. It truly excited baseball followers and supporters. It’s not every day that you see a cartwheel in a baseball game.

Some fans complimented the Bananas for their exciting style of play.

Others lauded the cartwheel in particular. There were even fans who commented on whether they had done anything like it. 


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What do you think of the Bananas’ second baseman’s cartwheel defensive play? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments below!

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