Life with canine friends is pure unadulterated joy. Alex Rodriguez understands that well, although he doesn’t boast any pets of his own. Although his official residence is in Miami, he lives the lifestyle of a traveler. One of his daughters is now away at college, while the younger one just entered high school. It’s perhaps not the best environment for a dog but that doesn’t mean the family is not fond of them.

Interestingly, the former New York Yankees player once bought a puppy with his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez. Fortunately, it wasn’t for the two of them as a couple, because they broke off their engagement in 2021. But the gift of the adorable goldendoodle pup was for J-Lo’s son, Max, when he was 12 years old. Although A-Rod might not get to meet the Lopezes anymore, his love for dogs is well and alive.

Alex Rodriguez Enthusiastically Appreciates Michigan’s Frisbee Dog


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University of Michigan’s canine resident, AKA Victor the Frisbee Dog, has been a highlight of its sports scene. Victor and his handler often regale the masses before football games at the school’s Spartan Stadium. Last night, before the Wolverines took to the field, they put on a good show for the audience once again. And who was attending the game but Alex Rodriguez?


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Since his daughter just joined Michigan as a freshman, it’s understandable that he misses her presence around the house. So as any parent will do, the retired Yankees player paid a visit to Natasha Rodriguez at school. And the two ended up attending Michigan’s Wolverines game against the UNLV Rebels. A-Rod posted an adorable clip to his Instagram of Victor the Frisbee Dog on the field ahead of the match-up.

It shows the four-legged creature making a run for the frisbee and catching it out of the air to loud applause from the filled stadium. Someone records the moment on camera, which then turns to Alex Rodriguez applauding loudly with a grin on his face. The father-daughter duo even clicked a sweet picture with the dog later on, which the ex-shortstop posted on Instagram.


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How is A-Rod Coping With His Daughter Away at College?

Not very well! If this visit soon after her arrival at college wasn’t enough indication, the father-daughter duo did a hilarious collaboration with Walmart recently. In the video, A-Rod constantly bothers Natasha with text messages to get an update on her, which she finds annoying.

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To solve the problem, she sends her dad a care package from Walmart to keep him busy and distracted. Well, it’s only to be expected from any parent whose kids are suddenly not under the same roof as them. But Alex Rodriguez is confident will get used to it sooner or later.

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