The opening week of the 2023 regular season has had its fair share of incredible moments. And the Kansas City Royals have been at the forefront of the action. They began the new season with a bang when they named their 4th captain in the franchise’s 55-year history, Salvador Perez. Now, another phenomenal player is in the limelight who used to be a Royal. 

The star center fielder Lorenzo Cain recently announced his retirement after a long and notable career. Cain played has been in MLB for 13 seasons, earning a reputation as a winner. Perhaps his peak achievement came in 2015 when he helped lead the Royals to a World Series victory. And now on May 6th, the Royals will be hosting a special Retirement Ceremony for Cain. He left an indelible mark on the franchise despite leaving the team back in 2017 after seven seasons to return to his first team, the Brewers. However, Cain left an indelible mark on the Royals’ history, which will not be soon forgotten. 

Lorenzo Cain left his mark in baseball with the Kansas City Royals 


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Lorenzo Cain will always hold a special place in the hearts of Kansas City Royals fans. His retirement ceremony as a member of the team is a fitting tribute to his incredible career with them. The center fielder was a cornerstone player on the 2015 World Series championship team, playing an important role in their victory and earning recognition as the MVP of the AL. 

His final play in the 2015 WS will be remembered as one of the greatest moments in team history. And his contributions to the team’s success will stay forever with the franchise. 

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As Cain will return to Kauffman Stadium for his retirement ceremony, he will yet again be in the center of it all. The Royals fanbase will be cheering his name while he wears dons the team’s jersey once more to retire as a Royal. 

Fans are pouring their love and admiration for the World Series hero 

Despite spending nearly as much time with the Milwaukee Brewers, Lorenzo Cain has etched his mark with the Kansas City Royals and the team’s fanbase. Baseball fans all around are expressing their admiration and respect for Cain, a player who has had a phenomenal baseball journey. 

Someone mentioned that the current players will be able to see an example of what a winner looks like. 


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While someone else mentioned that the 2014 and 2015 Royal teams were at their peaks and should be given the same ceremony upon their retirement.


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Lorenzo Cain was once the face of baseball in Kansas City and brought the winning trophy home to a city that was ravenous for one.

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