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Viral Picture of Bizarre Yankee Stadium Scene Leaves Fans Confused

Published 06/07/2023, 5:15 PM EDT

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If hitting the baseballs wasn’t already tough, the Canadian wildfires have made it even more challenging. That’s right! While the neighboring country is shaping up for its worst wildfire season on record, certain parts of the US are also getting afflicted by the 200+ fires burning in the country. One of those areas is the home ground of the New York Yankees, the Yankee Stadium. 

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As the pinstripers prepared to host the Chicago White Sox for their three-game series, persistent smoke from the wildfires overtook Yankee Stadium. Even though the orange smoke-covered sky made it tough for the athletes to continue their game, it could not stop the game entirely. However, the orange sky was amusing enough for the spectators to compare the scenario to one of the best movies of all time. 

The New York Yankees suffered a great loss!


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While the Bronx Bombers tried their best but could not win the series opener against the White Sox. With the orange sky over their head and the absence of their captain Aaron Judge on the field, the Yanks remained smither in the ballpark. 

Despite having the worst air quality index in the world, the Yanks and White Sox continued their play with their fans rooting from the bleachers. The air remained polluted, hurting the eyes of many. But it wasn’t enough to crush the spirits of baseball lovers.


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However, as soon as the scene of the Yankee Stadium went up on Twitter, it started to amuse fans while making them concerned for their health as well. 

What are the fans saying about the tangerine sky at Yankee Stadium?

While the orange sky worsened the air quality, it naturally became a matter of concern. Therefore, while the scenario made many confused at the time, the orange sky also amused many at the same time. 

Following are some of the fans’ reactions toward the iconic image of the sky: 

Is it really the Blue Jays?

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It should have been one of the important topics!


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By the way, if you are anywhere near the areas affected by the wildfires, we urge you all to stay safe! Also, how did you like the Yankee Stadium orange scenario? Let us know in the comments below!

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