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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Takes His Jaw-Dropping Hitting Skills to a New Level Outside the Diamond Amid Spring Training Chaos

Published 02/20/2023, 12:38 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Baseball players are reporting for Spring Training while gearing up for the regular season, which is about to start just a little over the month. While many players are bracing up their skills on the diamond, the Blue Jays’ marquee Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is showing the world that his violent swings aren’t limited to only Major League Baseball. 

A few weeks ago, during batting practice in his hometown, Guerrero Jr. showed that his swings could easily go 500 ft away. And now, the two-time all-star player is showing he can have a violent swing without a baseball bat. 

Can the pro ballplayer Vladimir Guerrero Jr. be a pro at another sport?


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In a recent clip shared by Takin Yanks, Blue Jays’ slugger can be seen getting ready to hit a golf ball. Soon as the ballplayer hit the ball, he left people around him trying to look for the ball and wondering where it went. 

The shot itself was as violent one, if not bigger, as Guerrero Jr. takes while being on the diamond. However, if the slugger ever decides to give more time to golf and try his hand at it professionally, he might have a shot at going pro. 


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But that does not seem to be happening any time soon. For now, the athlete is looking forward to having yet another great MLB season. For those unversed, Guerrero Jr. led the major leagues in doubles plays grounded into (26) and batted .274/.339/.480 with 32 home runs, 97 RBIs, and 116 strikeouts, because of which, he also won his first Gold Glove award. 

Guerrero Jr. left fans amazed with his tremendous shot!

Notably, soon as the clip landed on Twitter, it went viral. Notably, with his incredible shot at the golf course, he left fans wondering how far the slugger’s shot could go. Following are some reactions from baseball fans toward Gurerro’s golf shot. 


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While enjoying the hit by the Jays’ baseman, one of the fans predicted him to belt 60 homers in the coming season. Whereas another thinks that Angel’s Mike Trout is better than him at golf.


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