New York Yankees have not had much to cheer for this season. But there is some news that is getting the Bronx Bombers and their supporters excited. With recent reports emerging that a certain star slugger, Aaron Judge, could be poised for a return as soon as this weekend, will it be what they need to turn their season around? Well, the Yankees fans certainly think so.

Notably, Judge has been absent from the Yankees lineup since June. And the potential of the return of the 2023 Home Run King cannot be undermined. Judge’s return to the lineup will surely do wonders for the Pinstripes if they want to keep their postseason hopes alive and kicking.

Fans Rejoice at News of Returning Star Aaron Judge


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The Bronx faithful have certainly taken this news positively with several voicing their overwhelming support for the returning slugger. Most believed that this could even mean a turnaround for the struggling franchise.

Some fans couldn’t hold back their joy, jumping to predictions where they could.

No doubt, if Judge makes a comeback, which is very unlikely, it will not only help the Yankees struggling offense but also boost their confidence for the rest of the season. At this point of time, there is no official update on Judge’s return. But the Yankees fans will be hoping their stalwart to get back to the starting lineup as soon as possible.

Star Sluuger’s Return Timeline Uncertain But Hopeful

Aaron Judge has been on the sidelines since June when what was initially diagnosed as a broken toe turned out to be a torn cruciate ligament in his right leg. The injury occurred during a remarkable play against the LA Dodgers. Judge has since been out of the lineup with an uncertain schedule for his return.

However, according to MLB insider Jim Bowden, Judge has started sim games. This could mean that the star slugger could be set to take the field as soon as this weekend against the Orioles.

The absence of the Yankees’ star player has been deeply felt. Judge’s powerful swing and consistent ability to come through in clutch moments have been sorely missed.

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The Yankees’ struggle to keep up in the highly competitive AL East has been a cause for concern among fans. However, the return of Judge could signify a turning point in their season. The slugger’s presence in the lineup forces opponents to reconsider their pitching strategies. Even the slightest error could result in a game-changing home run when he’s at the plate.

As Sunday’s game approaches, excitement and anticipation fill the air at Yankee Stadium. The fans are eagerly counting down the days.


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The mere thought of him unleashing his raw power against the Orioles’ pitchers is enough to send shivers down the spines of any bullpen in the league. Will this be enough to rescue the Yankees’ faltering season?

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