The 2023 World Series is becoming a thriller in the midst of making history. Arizona Diamondbacks and the Texas Rangers, the two teams who were in no biggie’s threat list, are head-on-head. The heavyweights are nowhere; the underdogs are still in the spotlight. Reams and reams of paper are written about them.

So while the two teams and the World Series are in discussion, it is important to dig at what constitutes the best baseball. Of all the parameters, a home run is considered fundamental to a slugger. Let’s know who has hit the highest homers in the World Series.

Mickey Mantle, the top home runner in World Series history


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A Home run is when a slugger hits a ball so hard that he can safely run between all the plates before the ball reaches back to the pitcher. It needs strength, skill, patience, and timing. The New York Yankee legend, the late Mickey Mantle, has to his credit for scoring the highest and longest home runs in the history of the World Series. 18 is that magical number. And none of the biggies of his time, and the contemporary, have been able to break it.

One of his signature home runs has been in the fifth inning of the 1952 World Series. The 21-year-old Mantle swings his bat so hard that the ball travels in the air at 565 feet over the bleachers. It fell into a house and a boy was paid $5 to get it from there.

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Mickey Mantle, also known as Mick and the Commerce Comet, has played his entire MLB with the Yankees, mostly as a center fielder. No one has broken his record ever since he played his last game. Of the total 17 world series won by his team, he was part of seven. He still leads in RBI, runs, total bases, walks, strikeouts. And he is said to be the reason for the Red Sox and the Yankees’ eternal rivalry. With Mantle on top, who are the others?

Who are the other players with the most homers?

None of the top three baseball players who hit homers in the World Series are from the new generation. Coincidentally, all of them have played for the legendary baseball team New York Yankees. They are Babe Ruth and Yogi Berra.


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Babe Ruth has to his credit to score 15 home runs in the World Series, making it to the second spot. The late Yankee’s record is also unbeaten. He joined the Yankees after the Boston Red Sox sold him to finance their other venture. Commonly known as the ‘Sultan of Swat,’ the slugging outfielder has most of this achievement in Yankee history. He is also among the top inaugural members of the Baseball Hall of Fame

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Yogi Berra, the three-time winner of the American League Most Valuable Player, has hit 12 homers, the third-highest in the baseball world.  No other MLB player, unlike him, has won 10 World Series. Berra also remains in conversation because of his valuable saying, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”


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So as the ongoing World Series is heading forward, will there be any homer to be talked about in history?

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