Who Are Scott Boras’ Walk Year Stars Ahead of 2025’s Blockbuster Free Agency?

Published 04/01/2024, 7:30 AM EDT

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When life gives you lemons – just blame the current market and hope for a better time next year. While that may not make much sense in the real world, in the baseball world it does. Especially for Scott Boras who has had perhaps one of his most questionable offseasons this year. With nearly every one of his clients missing their projected deals by over $100 million, the agent has a lot of answering to do. But then, Boras has already declared that he “knew that going into” the winter, his clients will not get what they desired. In his mind, it seems Boras had already checked out to prepare for a massive 2024-25 offseason.

While this year’s “Boras Four” have underperformed, next season’s “Boras Five” are the brightest of talents that the league currently has. Despite what many fans are claiming, 2024 wasn’t the swan song of Boras. It was just the Infinity Wars to his upcoming Endgame. So what makes next offseason so special for the super agent? It’s because a certain Dominican is finally becoming a free agent.

Scott Boras’ Star Players moving to Free Agency in 2025: Know them all here


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The clientele of Scott Boras is quite enviable. Under no circumstances can one claim that having Boras as your agent isn’t an attractive option for players. After all, his Boras Corporation currently has the who’s who of baseball. From Bryce Harper to Juan Soto and from Blake Snell to Corbin Burnes, his agency enjoys an excess of stars. 

As a result, every season becomes one to look forward to for those who follow Boras. After all, there is always one or two superstars waiting in the free agency with Scott Boras’ fingers all over his contract. But sometimes, there’s a whole train of stars entering the free agency at the same time – something that’s happening in 2024-25.

Five of the mega Scott Boras clients are set to enter the free agency. There’s Juan Soto – the 25-year-old Dominican Megastar. Then there’s Pete Alonso – the New York Mets’ homegrown hero. Superstar aces Max Scherzer, Alex Bregman, and Corbin Burnes. With nearly every one of them about to enter their free agency after multiple successful years, there are surely going to be great stories attached to each one of them.

Juan Soto Can make Scott Boras’ empire bigger next year 

It’s fair to discuss the elephant in the room as early as possible. The soon to be 26 year-old Juan Soto is currently playing for the New York Yankees. With his Bronx Bombers’ journey starting with a bang, there’s a genuine reason to smile for Boras here. After all, this is a man who debuted in the MLB at 19 and became one of the primary reasons for his team’s World Series win just a year later. That’s as rare as a coconut falling on one’s head while he is standing under the open sky. 

Even the most poverty-stricken franchise would want to invest in a 26-year-old superstar. Because A) he provides them with his prime years and B) his sheer star power will make the team an instant favorite of the Latin World. With so many on-field and off-field opportunities attached to Soto, his entry into the free market can create a frenzy as Shohei Ohtani did.

If everything falls according to Boras’ plan, he may just cover his losses for this year with Soto’s contract alone. This becomes even more obvious when one remembers that the Yankees are expected to go all-in on him. That will only increase the price of the Dominical Slugger. But while Soto is set to dominate the headlines next season, other players are in just as strong of a position.

Boras may put Max Scherzer and Pete Alonso in a different league for contracts 

Will Mad Max once again create a fury road in the free agent market? While the legendary pitcher is about to turn 39, there’s little doubt over the fact that he remains an elite arm on the mound. However, one can’t deny that his last stint with the New York Mets wasn’t quite fruitful. Similarly, Max Scherzer’s Texas Rangers run too got affected by injuries last season. So that raises the question – will Scherzer get another huge deal like the $130 million he got from the Mets? Perhaps a change of leagues may be in order here.

Then there’s Pete Alonso – the man who is currently the undisputed star of the Mets. Nobody has hit more home runs than Alonso since his debut in 2019. But despite his best efforts, the Metsies’ resident slugger hasn’t been able to lead his team to glory. Now entering this walk year with a team that’s still not a championship caliber, Alonso’s chances of leaving for another team aren’t negligible.  

With both of these stars having a great chance of getting big deals, Scott Boras might be living in a fantasy land. But still, nothing’s for sure yet, after all, similar things were said about Cody Bellinger and Blake Snell. Coming to think of it, how are the remaining two of the “Boras Five” of 2024-25 expected to do?

Alex Bregman and Corbin Burnes could finally get their dues right 

In 2019 Alex Bregman signed a surprisingly team-favoring 6-year $100 million deal with the Houston Astros. The very next year the slugger appointed Scott Boras as his agent. One knows that had it been for Boras, Bregman wouldn’t have ever signed that deal. As a result, despite speculations most experts believe that Bregman’s free agency is inevitable. That remains true even after his teammate Jose Altuve (another Boras client) signed an extension with the Astronauts. 


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The only issue for Bregman remains the fact that his number has fallen drastically since his 2018-19 peak. But then at 31, the slugger’s patience on the plate is remarkable. With Bregman coming off two back-to-back years of having more walks than strikeouts, there’s clearly a lot of fire left in his tank. 

Then comes Corbin Burnes – the once crown possession of the Milwaukee Brewers before their bitter divorce. The 2021 Cy Young winner is looking to enter his free agency on the back of a tremendous year with the Baltimore Orioles. However, 2024 will prove to be a huge challenge for this talented pitcher. After all, this is the first time he’s actively pitching in the American League. Will he be quick enough to adjust or is it too big of a challenge?


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Regardless of anything, this season is shaping up to be a huge test for Scott Boras. With such a brilliant list of clientele entering free agency, he’ll have to be on his toes all the time. 2023-24 created a rumor of his fall but a failed 2024-25 might just make that notion stick.


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